Sir Keir Starmer leads reaction as Boris Johnson wins confidence vote


The world of politics has begun to react as Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived an attempt by Tory MPs to oust him in a vote of confidence.

Tory MPs voted by 211 to 148 in the secret ballot in Westminster, Conservative 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady announced.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was among the first to react to the PM winning the vote.

Earlier, it was said the Prime Minister told the members of the parliamentary party “I will lead you to victory again” ahead of the confidence vote in his leadership.

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PM should go after ‘staggering’ vote, says shadow foreign secretary

22:04 , Robert Dex

Labour MP David Lammy has called the confidence vote result “staggering” and “appalling” before calling on Boris Johnson to resign.

The shadow foreign secretary told Sky News: “Well, this is staggering. It’s appalling. He’s done worse than Thatcher did in 1990, worse than John Major in 1995, worse than Theresa May in 2018 – all of those prime ministers went on in the end to lose their job.

“Forty per cent of his parliamentary party against him, most of his backbenchers against him at a time when people are facing rising inflation, cost of living, he’s got a parliamentary inquiry, he’s got two by-elections. This is a disaster and he should go.

“Now we’re seeing that the Conservative Party have lost confidence in this Prime Minister and it’s on that basis that, frankly, he should resign.”

Rebel MP calls on PM to ‘consider his position’

21:58 , Robert Dex

York MP Julian Sturdy spoke out against the wave of cabinet ministers hailing the result as a great win for the Prime Minister and said it was in fact “clear evidence” he did not have the backing of his parliamentary party.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Sturdy called on the PM to “consider his position”.

PM rules out snap election after winning confidence vote

21:54 , Robert Dex

The Prime Minister ruled out a snap election in order to gain a new mandate from the public, insisting he was focused on the public’s priorities.

He said: “I see no point in focusing on anything else and I’m certainly not interested in snap elections. What I’m interested in is delivering right now for the people of this country.”

Health Secretary says vote gives PM ‘a fresh mandate’

21:50 , Robert Dex

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the Prime Minister has secured “a fresh mandate” from the Conservative Party following Boris Johnson’s confidence vote win.

Mr Javid tweeted: “Tonight the PM has secured a fresh mandate from the parliamentary party.

“Now we need to unite and focus on the country’s challenges.

“Boosting economic growth, tackling the Covid backlogs, protecting our national security, and so much more.”

PM hails ‘very good result’

21:49 , Robert Dex

The Prime Minister has described the results of a confidence vote in his leadership as a “very good result”.

Boris Johnson told broadcasters: “I think this is a very good result for politics and for the country.”

He added it was “a convincing result, a decisive result, and what it means is that as a Government we can move on and focus on the stuff that I think really matters to people”.

Asked how it compared to past confidence votes in Conservative prime ministers, he added: “I have got a far bigger mandate from my own parliamentary colleagues than I had in 2019.”

Cabinet ministers rally to PM after vote

21:31 , Robert Dex

Liz Truss and Michael Gove have tweeted their support for Boris Johnson after his victory in Monday’s confidence vote.

The Foreign Secretary tweeted: “Pleased that colleagues have backed the Prime Minister.

“I support him 100%. Now’s the time to get on with the job.”

The Housing Secretary said it is time to “focus on the people’s priorities” now that the Prime Minister has “secured” the trust of his MPs.

Gove wrote: “The PM has secured the support of Conservative MPs – now we must carry out what we were elected to deliver – levelling up, cutting crime, securing the benefits of Brexit and improving public services.”

“Let’s get on with delivery and focus on the people’s priorities.”

Supporter of PM said result was ‘better’ than he feared

21:29 , Robert Dex

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said the result of the confidence vote in Boris Johnson is a “lot better” than he had feared.

Speaking to the PA news agency after the result was announced, the Lichfield MP said: “I think it’s a good win. It’s a lot better than I feared it might be. So, that’s very good.”

When told there were more votes against Mr Johnson than there were against Theresa May in 2019, Mr Fabricant said: “Theresa May then decided to do a deal with Labour to have a second referendum. That ain’t gonna happen, so there is no comparison.”

PM is ‘unfit’ for the job says Labour leader

21:26 , Robert Dex

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said Mr Johnson was “utterly unfit for the great office he holds” and accused Tory MPs of ignoring the British public.

He said: “The Conservative Government now believes that breaking the law is no impediment to making the law.”

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi says PM won ‘handsomely’

21:23 , Robert Dex

Nadhim Zahawi said Boris Johnson won the vote “handsomely” after MPs voted 211 to 148 in favour of the Prime Minister.

Speaking to Sky News in Westminster’s central lobby after the result was announced, the Education Secretary said: “I think the important thing to remember is that whichever side of the argument you’re on on this, the one thing we all believe in is democracy.

“That was a ballot, the Prime Minister won handsomely,” he added.

“I think the important thing to remember is that we only are able to deliver if we are united. I hope we can draw a line under this now and focused on delivery.”

Pressed on how he can call the result “handsome”, Mr Zahawi said: “It’s a ballot. 50 plus one is a majority. Boris did much better than that.”

Asked about whether there will now be a Tory civil war, Mr Zahawi said: “All of my colleagues, whichever way they voted, know that we win the election when we are united. People don’t vote for divided parties – that’s my message. We’re democrats above everything else and I think you’ll find every colleague – even those who voted against the Prime Minister tonight – will agree with that statement.”

Lib Dem leader says PM is ‘teetering on the brink’

21:22 , Robert Dex

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said: “Conservative MPs are now fully responsible for the Prime Minister’s behaviour. They have narrowly voted to keep a lawbreaker and liar in Number 10.

“Whilst Boris Johnson has clung on today – make no mistake, his reputation is in tatters and his authority is now totally shot.

“It’s clear that the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party are laughing at the British public.

“Every Conservative MP who cares about integrity and decency must do the right thing, resign the whip and sit as an independent. For the sake of our country, this failing Prime Minister cannot be propped up any longer.

“Johnson is teetering on the brink. He is too cowardly to resign – the people of Tiverton and Honiton will speak for Britain in giving their verdict on Boris Johnson in two weeks time.”

Scottish First Minister says result is ‘worst of all worlds’ for Conservatives

21:21 , Robert Dex

Responding to the confidence vote, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “That result is surely the worst of all worlds for the Tories.

“But much more importantly: at a time of huge challenge, it saddles the UK with an utterly lame duck PM.

“And for Scotland, it just underlines the democratic deficit – only 2 of (Scotland’s) 59 MPs have confidence in the PM.”

Party opinion divided on meaning of result

21:20 , Robert Dex

Mr Johnson’s allies were seeking to argue the vote settled the row over his leadership, but his opponents said with more than a third of the party voting against him the threat to his leadership was far from over.Newcastle-under-Lyme Tory MP Aaron Bell said it was a significant vote against Mr Johnson, adding it was “considerably more than Theresa May”. “It’s up to him what he does next.”However, ultra-loyalist MP James Cleverly, a Foreign Office minister, said the result showed Mr Johnson has a “clear mandate” from the Tory party.“Ultimately we want the party to work together to support the Prime Minister,” he said.“He has now just got his third mandate from the parliamentary party and everyone should respect that and get on with it.”

Get back to the ‘job’ of governing says Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries

21:16 , Robert Dex

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said it is “time to get back to the job of governing” after Boris Johnson won a confidence vote on Monday.

The Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire tweeted: “The person Starmer doesn’t want to face at an election is Boris Johnson who secured the biggest Conservative majority since 1987 and the highest share of the vote (43.6 per cent) of any party since 1979, with 14 million votes.

“Time to get back to the job of governing.”

PM faces future with dented authority

21:12 , Robert Dex

The Prime Minister’s victory in Monday’s confidence vote does not mean the end of his problems.

While Conservative Party rules mean he is safe from a confidence vote for another year, Mr Johnson still faces a daunting list of challenges demanding his attention.

First on the list will be mending his own divided party. A confidence vote is never a good thing for a leader and the 148 votes against him means he now faces an internal opposition that is difficult to ignore.

While it is possible this might translate to more backbench rebellions, the biggest problem is that Mr Johnson’s authority is now seriously dented and he may struggle to push through parts of his agenda should he encounter cabinet opposition.

21:10 , Robert Dex

Read the latest on tonight’s dramatic events from our team in Westminster.

Boris Johnson wins confidence vote but suffers revolt by 148 MPs

Labour leader says government is ‘divided’

21:09 , Robert Dex

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said a “divided” Conservative Party is “propping up” Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister survived the confidence vote.

“The choice is clearer than ever before: Divided Tories propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues you are facing,” he tweeted.

“Or a united Labour Party with a plan to fix the cost-of-living crisis and restore trust in politics. Labour will get Britain back on track.”

PM’s supporters greet result

21:04 , Robert Dex

Supporters of the Prime Minister banged the tables as the result of the secret ballot was announced to MPs by Conservative 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady.

Boris wins no-confidence vote

21:01 , Robert Dex

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won the no-confidence vote of his 359 MPs.

He won the votes of 211 MPs with 148 voting against.

20:38 , Lily Waddell

Boris Johnson is the right man for the job, says MP

Alexander Stafford, who was elected MP for Rother Valley in 2019, spoke out to say he voted in support of the Prime Minister.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Stafford said: “I think he’s the right man for the job.

“I think he gets the big calls right and I think we need to get unified and actually get on with what we were elected to do, and that is governing the country, running the country and this will navel-gazing is not helping anyone.”

Asked if he still thinks Mr Johnson is popular, he said: “I think the Prime Minister is like no other politician we have had for generations in this country. He reaches those demographics of people who wouldn’t normally vote.”

Asked if his constituents had told him of their disappointment in Mr Johnson over partygate, he said: “Of course, I’m getting people who have emailed in who are not happy with the situation, none of us are happy with the situation, the Prime Minister himself has said he is not happy with the situation, which is why he was fined and has apologised.”

He said people should not judge the Prime Minister on “a slice of cake” but on his decisions with the “big matters”.

The MP added Mr Johnson gets it right “time and time again”.

Last vote cast goes against the PM

20:12 , Robert Dex

The last MP to vote before counting began said he had voted against the Prime Minister.

Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, West Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly, told his constituents he delivered a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister back in April.

Boris ally says rebel MPs are ‘believing their own hype’

20:08 , Robert Dex

Ben Bradley said rebel MPs may be “guilty of believing their own hype” in terms of their success at winning seats but that Boris Johnson won the 2019 election for them.

The Tory MP backed the Prime Minister as a “huge personality” who had helped appeal to people all over the country.

Asked about speculation that the number of no confidence votes had passed 100, he told the BBC: “I’d be surprised and disappointed if that were the case.

“I think people who won those seats in 2019 have to recognise that he won that election.

“He is a huge personality who engaged with people in places where we hadn’t been able to do that.

“A lot of MPs are sometimes maybe guilty of believing their own hype in some of these elections.”

Minister says momentum is with PM’s supporters

20:04 , Robert Dex

Kit Malthouse, who said he voted for the Prime Minister within five minutes of the poll opening, said the mood is “challenging” but he thinks Boris Johnson will have a “resounding win”.

Speaking to Sky News, the policing minister said: “Obviously the mood is challenging, people find it dismaying to go through this process – it’s less than ideal.

“But the vast majority of colleagues are coming out strongly in support of the Prime Minister.”

He added: “I think the momentum is going in our direction.”

Votes being counted as PM’s future in the balance

20:02 , Robert Dex

The votes are being counted following the secret ballot of the 359 Tory MPs, with the result due at 9pm.

While it would be a major shock if the Tory critics managed to secure the 180 votes required to oust the party leader, his authority would be severely damaged if a significant number of his own MPs have lost confidence in him.

Essex MP votes against Boris

19:55 , Robert Dex

Essex MP Giles Watling says he has voted against the PM.

The MP for Clacton told his local newspaper, the Clacton Gazette, the party could not “have a leader who is damaging us in the polls”.

He said: “The issue of parties at No 10 will come back again and again to undermine the PM’s position.”

He added: “The Prime Minister gave a very good performance today – he is fighting for his political life – but I decided not to support him.”

Red Wall MP votes against Boris

19:50 , Robert Dex

Red Wall MP Dehenna Davison said she voted against the Prime Minister.

The politician, who won the previously safe seat of Bishop Auckland, said it was “not a decision I took lightly”.

Cabinet member tells Andrew Marr the PM is not ‘toast’

19:42 , Robert Dex

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has told Andrew Marr the PM is not “toast”.

He was speaking to the journalist on his LBC show.

Kent MP says Barnard Castle incident made him question the PM’s judgement

19:38 , Robert Dex

Kent MP Sir Roger Gale, who said he was the fourth Conservative MP to vote, said he voted “no confidence” for an “accumulation of factors”.

Speaking to Sky News, the MP for Thanet said he had questioned the Prime Minister’s judgment ever since the Barnard Castle incident when he backed his then advisor Dominic Cummins over a breach of lockdown rules.

“I think all the events in between have just strengthened my view that we need another prime minister,” he said.

Sir Roger also argued the party was “spoilt for choice” for an alternative leader, suggesting Dominic Raab, Liz Truss, Ben Wallace, Penny Mordaunt and Tom Tugendhat might put their hat in the ring.

He went on say: “This is something that the Prime Minister has brought on himself.

“Brexit divided the party – that is absolutely true. It’s curious the party is now divided, not over policy, but over the character of the Prime Minister. That’s quite extraordinary.”

The Brexiteer who is no longer backing Boris

19:34 , Robert Dex

Our Political Editor Nicholas Cecil picks out the no confidence vote of Laurence Robertson as one to watch.

The MP for Tewkesbury is an Brexiteer and represents a solid Tory shire seat – the sort of rural constituency that loyally backs the party. If he has voted against the PM how many more of his colleagues may have?

Early voting means no queue for cabinet big-hitters arriving to vote

19:29 , Robert Dex

The queue of Conservative MPs dwindled following the Prime Minister’s arrival to take part in the confidence vote.

Prominent Conservative ministers continued to arrive to take part in the confidence vote and were able to enter the committee room straight away without waiting.

They included Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi and Home Secretary Priti Patel, who had arrived from the Commons where she was introducing a debate on the National Security Bill.

Tewkesbury MP votes against PM with “a very heavy heart”

19:28 , Robert Dex

Conservative MP for Tewkesbury Laurence Robertson said he voted against the Prime Minister in the confidence vote.

He tweeted: “It’s with a very heavy heart that I’ve voted against Boris Johnson’s continuing as leader of the Conservative Party.

“He has achieved a great deal, but I believe it’s now time for a new approach.”

Bolton MP says ‘now is not the time to create more uncertainty’

19:25 , Robert Dex

Bolton MP Mark Logan said he will back the PM and did not want to “create more uncertainty for the country”.

In a statement on his website, he said: “All this falls on the backdrop of the biggest peacetime crisis in a generation and war in Europe, where the Prime Minister has shown global leadership.

“This is why I will be voting for the Government in tonight’s confidence vote. Now is not the time to create more uncertainty for the country.”

Another Scottish MP votes against PM

19:21 , Robert Dex

Yet another Scottish MP, Andrew Bowie, has voted against the PM.

The MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine said he had done it with a “heavy heart”.

Hitchin and Harpenden MP backs Boris

19:19 , Robert Dex

Bim Afolami, Conservative MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, has said he is backing Boris.

PM turns up to vote

19:18 , Robert Dex

Boris Johnson turned up with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to vote shortly before 7.10pm.

Mr Wallace is one of the cabinet members being touted as a possible replacement PM if Mr Johnson is forced out.

Emily Thornberry said ‘furious’ constituents were pushing MPs against the PM

19:16 , Robert Dex

Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry said Tory MPs have turned on Boris Johnson because they were listening to their “furious” constituents.

The shadow attorney general said a “substantial group” of Conservative politicians were moving against the Prime Minister because of dwindling public support for him.

“Their constituents are not moving on. They are furious,” she told the BBC.

Asked what Labour’s approach would be if Mr Johnson loses support, she said: “If he doesn’t have the majority of Conservative MPs .. then we know that former Tory prime ministers resigned in the face of that. So, let’s see. Let’s see what happens next.”

Another Scottish Tory comes out against PM

19:14 , Robert Dex

Another Scottish MP, David Mundell, has come out against the PM.

He said: “After a difficult couple of years and listening to the views of my constituents, I voted tonight for a fresh start and new leadership for our country.”

Former minister warns of ‘wound’ of removing sitting PM

19:12 , Robert Dex

Former minister Sir John Hayes voted for the PM.

Referring to the defeat of Margaret Thatcher, he said: “In 1990 the Conservative Party removed its leader who was Prime Minister with a mandate from the people.

“The wound inflicted wept for decades.

“We must never let it happen again.”

19:05 , Robert Dex

John Lamont, who we reported earlier has resigned as PPS to the Foreign Secretary, has released a letter explaining his stance.

He said it was “a very difficult decision” but that behaviour in Downing Street during lockdown was “unacceptable”.

Sacked MP still backs PM

19:02 , Robert Dex

Swindon MP Robert Buckland, who was sacked in September 21 reshuffle, has come out in support of the PM, saying: “It is not right that his mandate might be ended in this way”.

No phones for secret ballot

18:57 , Robert Dex

MPs are having to hand in their phones before voting to make sure no-one takes a photograph during the secret ballot.

Former PM stays silent on how she voted

18:51 , Robert Dex

Theresa May has refused to say how she voted in Boris Johnson’s confidence vote.

After casting her vote, the Conservative former prime minister said she was not “answering any questions”.

18:51 , Robert Dex

Conservative MP David Rutley said “Now is not the time for leadership contest” and he will back the PM.

MP resigns as PPS to Foreign Secretary to vote against the PM

18:48 , Robert Dex

Scottish conservative John Lamont MP has reportedly resigned as PPS to the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in order to vote against Boris Johnson tonight.

Majority of voters think MPs should vote against the PM

18:44 , Robert Dex

Most of the public thinks Conservative MPs should vote to remove Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in the confidence motion, according to snap polls.

Some 60% of Britons think Mr Johnson should be usurped, according to both a YouGov poll of more than 3,000 people and a separate Savanta ComRes survey done on Monday.

The poll also implied there is no clear favourite among the public for Mr Johnson’s potential successor.

Theresa May having a ball at no confidence vote

18:36 , Robert Dex

Former PM Theresa May has arrived to vote – reportedly dressed in a ballgown. Off to celebrate later?

Former minister says vote is a ‘very, very sad day’

18:21 , Robert Dex

Tory former minister Steve Baker said this is a “very, very sad day” and reiterated his call for the PM to go.

However, following a meeting of the 1922 Committee, he said he thought it was “highly likely” that Boris Johnson would “formally win” Monday’s confidence vote.

“What that means over the months ahead, I don’t know,” he added.

“What I am certain of is that the Conservative Party’s got to find a way to raise our standard of conduct in all things – not only amongst ministers, but amongst backbenchers, particularly when they give comment to all of you (the media).

“You notice that I’m doing this on the record. Many of my colleagues give waspish and awful comments off the record, often very personal ones. I’d really ask all of them to think about who that’s supposed to impress.”

MP warns against ‘self-indulgence’ of leadership contest

18:20 , Robert Dex

Tory MP Shailesh Vara said he believes the last thing the British public wants is the “orgy of self-indulgence” of a leadership contest.

“The last thing I want, and I think the last thing the people of the UK want, is for us to be parading ourselves and having an orgy of self-indulgence,” he told the BBC.

He said he believed the Prime Minister had made the right decisions on “the big calls” of recent years.

Father of the House first to cast vote in no confidence ballot

18:19 , Robert Dex

A long queue of Conservative MPs formed outside the Houses of Parliament’s committee rooms as a confidence vote in Boris Johnson’s leadership began.

Father of the House Sir Peter Bottomley was the first Conservative MP to vote.

Other early voters included Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Home Office minister Kit Malthouse.

18:14 , Robert Dex

At least 145 Conservative MPs have indicated their support publicly for Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the confidence vote begins, according to a count made by news agency Reuters,

That would still be less than the 147 who supported Mrs Thatcher in 1990 which marked the end of her time in power.

More to come on tax and housing if Boris wins the vote, say Tory sources

18:10 , Robert Dex

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak will lay out “the plan for growth” next week, with a “broad outline of the Prime Minister’s vision across the board”, a senior Tory party source said.

The PM did not promise a “specific tax cut” during a meeting of the 1922 Committee on Monday, the source said, but there is a “very big speech by him and the Chancellor on the economy” on the way.

Mr Johnson also spoke of another planned announcement with the Levelling Up Secretary on housing.

He told MPs: “If I am here later this week – and I very much hope that I will be – Michael Gove and I will be setting out plans to kindle that dream of home ownership in the hearts of millions who currently believe it is beyond their means.

“And then there is one chunk of household income that is the biggest of all, and that is tax.”

Are opposition MPs backing Boris?

18:08 , Robert Dex

Some opposition MPs are said to be rooting for Boris as they believe it is better for them if an unpopular PM stays in office.

Daily Mirror journalist Kevin Maguire explained their thinking.

Voting begins on no confidence motion

18:04 , Robert Dex

Voting has begun on the no confidence motion in Boris Johnson’s leadership. The vote lasts two hours and a result is expected at 9pm.

The Daily Mirror’s Pippa Crerar says one Tory rebel told her he expects the PM to win but not by a wide-enough margin “that puts this to bed”.

Boris ‘understands the anxieties of people who have triggered this vote’

17:49 , Matt Watts

Boris Johnson told the meeting of Tory MPs that “I understand the anxieties of people who have triggered this vote”.

The Prime Minister told the private meeting: “I humbly submit to you that this is not the moment for a leisurely and entirely unforced domestic political drama and months and months of vacillation from the UK.”

At a time when Vladimir Putin’s forces are fighting in Ukraine, Mr Johnson said: “This is the moment for us to lift our gaze from our navel.”

He warned MPs not to “dance to the tune of the media” and called for an end to the “media-driven focus on the leadership of the Conservative Party”.

In an attempt to win round low-tax Conservatives, Mr Johnson said: “Everyone understands the fiscal impact of Covid, the cost of clearing the backlogs, but the way out now is to drive supply side reform on Conservative principles and to cut taxes.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday (PA) (PA Wire)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday (PA) (PA Wire)

Tory MP says party ‘not divided’ as she backs Johnson

17:33 , Matt Watts

Conservative MP Natalie Elphicke claimed the Tory Party is “not divided” ahead of giving her support for Boris Johnson in a confidence vote this evening.

Disagreeing that the vote is due to a lack of confidence in the PM, Elphicke argued the reason for it is to “make sure that the views can be held and then we can come and unite behind the prime minister”, she told the BBC.

Asked how Johnson can unite the party if he wins, she said: “I don’t agree that it’s a divided party. I think there are decisions to be made and there are a range of views.

“I believe that is what will happen because the confidence vote will be held. People have had their say and then we can move forward.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg praises ‘vim and vigour’ of the PM

17:28 , Robert Dex

Jacob Rees-Mogg said Boris Johnson spoke “very, very well” with “vim and vigour” at the 1922 meeting with MPs just ahead of a confidence vote against his leadership.

The Brexit opportunities minister told Sky News: “He spoke very, very well and very clearly – set up his successes but also, more importantly, what he’s going do next because people always focus on the future, not on the past.”

Mr Rees-Mogg went on to say: “I thought there was plenty of vim and vigour particularly as he talked about leadership.

“Because the thing to remember about Boris Johnson is he is a remarkably charismatic leader – people stop in their cars to get out and say hello to him and shake him by the hand.

“That’s a charisma nobody else in the Conservative Party, or indeed in the Socialist Party, has.”

Labour says Boris has ‘demeaned his office’

17:26 , Robert Dex

Labour says the Prime Minister “demeaned his office and downgraded standards” with deputy leader Angela Rayner saying they will introduce reforms to strengthen standards in public life.

PM heckled at 1922 meeting, according to reports

17:22 , Robert Dex

ITV journalist Paul Brand has reported the PM was heckled during the 1922 meeting with one MP mentioning the criticism of him in the Sue Gray report.

Attorney General speaks up for the PM

17:20 , Robert Dex

Attorney General Suella Braverman reiterated her support for the Prime Minister, describing him as “passionate” and “dedicated”.

Speaking in Westminster’s central lobby, she told the BBC: “It is clear that the Prime Minister is passionate, dedicated, has a track record of delivery and really wants to unite the Conservative Party for the good of the country.”

Former chief whip says keeping the PM would leave MPs defending the ‘indefensible’

17:17 , Robert Dex

Tory former chief whip Mark Harper said if the PM stayed he would be asking MPs to “defend the indefensible”.

Giving an account of questions asked of the Prime Minister in a meeting of the 1922 Committee, a senior party source said Boris Johnson rejected this “very, very aggressively”.

MP warns colleagues of a ‘brutal’ process if they fail to back Boris

17:16 , Robert Dex

A senior party source said Boris Johnson received five questions during a meeting with the 1922 Committee, two of which were “hostile” and three of which were not.

Sir Charles Walker, the MP for Broxbourne, told the PM “at times you’ve driven me absolutely wild”, the source said, which drew “a big laugh”.

The MP was said to have added “I take your apology”, warning his colleagues that “defenestrating a PM is a brutal, bloody, shocking, horrible, terrible thing”.

Another MP comes out against the PM ahead of vote

17:06 , Robert Dex

Another Conservative MP Robert Syms said he will be voting against the Prime Minister in Monday’s confidence vote.

He tweeted: “Although a secret ballot, I intend to vote no in the confidence vote this evening.”

PM tells MPs not to ‘dance to the tune of the media’

16:59 , Robert Dex

Boris Johnson told MPs on the 1922 Committee that the Tories should “refuse to gratify our opponents by turning in on ourselves”.

A senior party source said the Prime Minister received a big cheer when he said they should not “dance to the tune of the media”.

PM promises “victory again” if MPs back him

16:55 , Robert Dex

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told MPs on the 1922 Committee “I will lead you to victory again”, warning against descending into a “pointless fratricidal debate” about the future of the Conservative Party

16:51 , Robert Dex

The Conservative leader in Scotland, Douglas Ross MP, has come out in support of the no confidence motion against the Prime Minister..

He previously said he supported it then backtracked saying it was not the right time to change leader but has now confirmed he will vote against Mr Johnson.

How will tonight’s confidence vote work?

16:45 , Rachael Burford

MPs are being banned from taking their mobile phones into the room where they will vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership on Monday evening because they are not all trusted not to take photos of their ballot paper.

The restriction is being imposed by the executive of the 1922 Committee of backbench MPs because last time there was a confidence vote in a Tory leader, Theresa May in December 2018, two MPs took photos of how they voted.

Our political editor Nic Cecil runs us through how the vote will go here.

London Tories split on Boris Johnson’s future

16:36 , Rachael Burford

London’s Tory MPs appear to be split on whether Boris Johnson should remain leader of the Conservative party.

Seven Tory MPs representing London constituencies have came out in support of the PM on Monday, while four were among those who submitted letters of no confidence to Sir Graham.

Here is our run down of the London MPs who have backed Mr Johnson, and those who have asked him to stand down.

Boris Johnson addressing 1922 Committee

16:30 , Rachael Burford

Boris Johnson was greeted by table banging, clapping and foot stomping as he arrived to address a meeting of the 1922 Committee just after 4pm.

He is speaking to Tory MPs ahead of the crunch vote on his leadership.

Conservatives split on support for Boris Johnson

15:44 , Rachael Burford

A snap poll by YouGov has shown Conservative party members are split over whether or not MPs should vote against Boris Johnson.

A narrow majority (53 per cent) said they were in support of the Prime Minister, while 42 per cent said they think he should be removed forcing a leadership contest.

Cabinet ministers come out in support of PM

14:59 , Rachael Burford

The majority of cabinet ministers have now come out in support of the Prime Minister on social media.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is the most high profile politician who is yet to give her backing to Boris Johnson.

More than a dozen ministers still reportedly mulling over whether to support PM

14:44 , Rachael Burford

One loyal MP told The Standard: “It would take an act of supreme incompetence from the PM’s team to lose this.

“However, No10 are supremely incompetent.

“The entire political operation is just lazy.”

Read our analysis of the fight facing Boris Johnson HERE.

Nadine Dorries admits Covid preparedness ‘inadequate’ in spat with Tory colleague

14:12 , Rachael Burford

Cabinet Minister Nadine Dorries inadvertently admitted Conservative preparations for the pandemic were “inadequate” when she attacked one of Boris Johnson most prominent critics.

Ms Dorries criticised former Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt after he said the Prime Minister did not have his confidence.

“Your pandemic preparation during six years as health secretary was found wanting and inadequate,” Culture Secretary Ms Dorries said.

“Your duplicity right now in destabilising the party and country to serve your own personal ambition, more so.”

Ms Dorries, who is a fervent supporter of the PM, said Mr Hunt has “been wrong about almost everything”.

Earlier on Monday Mr Hunt, who stood against the Prime Minister in 2019, said “we are not giving the British people the leadership they deserve” as he urged colleagues to vote against Mr Johnson.

Ian Blackford calls on Scottish Tories to vote against PM

14:02 , Rachael Burford

Westminster’s SNP leader Ian Blackford called Tory MPs – particularly the Scottish ones – to vote against Boris Johnson on Monday evening.

In a statement he said: “Boris Johnson is completely unfit to be prime minister and he should have been removed from office long ago.

“He has broken the law, lied to parliament and distracted the UK government from tackling the issues that matter, including the Tory cost of living crisis and the long-term damage caused by Brexit.

Tory MPs must finally put the interests of the public first. They must vote Boris Johnson out and do it now.

“And there cannot be any more flip-flopping from Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tories.”

PM and Ukrainian President discuss Russian blockade

13:54 , Rachael Burford

Boris Johnson and President Volodymyr Zelensky have discussed efforts to end Putin’s blockade on grain exports from Ukraine, which threatens to cause a world hunger crisis.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the two leaders had an “in depth” discussion about the latest military situation in Ukraine.

It comes as Moscow is focusing its offensive in the industrial eastern Donbas region.

The Russian naval blockade has imposed an economic stranglehold on Ukraine – one of the world’s biggest grain exporters – as well as threatening food supplies to some of the world’s poorest.

“They agreed to intensify work with other allies, including G7 leaders, to drive progress on ending Russia’s illegal invasion and supporting Ukraine’s economy,” Mr Johnson’s spokesman said.

London Minister confirms support for PM

13:25 , Rachael Burford

Minister for London Paul Scully has said he will be voting in support of the Prime Minister this evening.

The Sutton and Cheam MP said: “Clearly there are things that have been noted that need change. Changes in No10 have been made to address culture and leadership gaps.

“We must focus on delivering for the country, not having a political argument with ourselves. We need to govern well with a renewed sense of purpose.”

Harrogate MP ‘will vote against PM’

12:31 , Rachael Burford

Harrogate MP Andrew Jones says he will be voting against the PM tonight.

Mr Jones had been critical of Boris Johnson’s actions following the publication of Sue Gray’s partygate report.

But he never confirmed he had submitted a confidence letter to the 1922 Committee.

In a statement on Monday, he said: “At the beginning of all the investigations into Partygate I said ‘lawmakers can’t be law breakers’.

“I meant it and that is, in part, why I will not be supporting the Prime Minister in tonight’s confidence vote.”

Confidence vote ‘will not be distraction’

12:09 , Rachael Burford

Boris Johnson will not let Monday’s confidence vote distract him from his duties, Downing Street has said.

“The Prime Minister is firmly of the view that he will not be distracted from the key issues facing the UK and the world,” Mr Johnson’s official spokesman said.

“That is illustrated by the call he had with (Ukrainian President) Zelensky this morning.

“Equally there are key domestic challenges – Covid backlog, the cost-of-living pressures. I think he will be taking more action on in due course.”

Guildford MP ‘will vote against PM’

11:40 , Rachael Burford

Guildford MP Angela Richardson has confirmed she will vote against Boris Johnson this evening.

In a statement she said: “From the very beginning of the issues surrounding the Prime Minister’s conduct during the lockdown period and his subsequent answers to parliamentary questions, I have been consistent in my views about the standards people expect of those in high office.

“Last week, I made a statement following the publication of the full Sue Gray report that questioned whether those standards had been upheld.

“The deep disappointment I expressed in a previous statement in January has not abated.

“Given that, I will be voting no confidence in Boris Johnson this evening.”

PM’s anti-corruption tsar resigns

11:22 , Daniel Keane

Boris Johnson’s anti-corruption tsar has resigned and announced he will vote no confidence in his leadership in the ballot this evening.

John Penrose, MP for Weston-Super-Mare, said Mr Johnson’s actions over the partygate scandal constituted a “fundamental breach of the ministerial code”.

Mr Johnson has been accused of lying to parliament after telling MPs that “no rules had been broken” in Downing Street during lockdown. He later received a fixed penalty notice over one of the gatherings, while the Sue Gray report carried extensive details of lockdown breaches in No10.

“I hope you will now stand aside so we can look to the future and choose your successor,” Mr Penrose writes.

Another Tory MP announces they will vote no confidence

11:16 , Daniel Keane

Angela Richardson, Conservative MP for Guildford, has announced she will vote no confidence in tonight’s vote.

She said in a statement: “From the very beginning of the issues surrounding the Prime Minister’s conduct during the lockdown period and his subsequent answers to parliamentary questions, I have been consistent in my views about the standards people expect of those in high office.

“Last week, I made a statement following the publication of the full Sue Gray report that questioned whether those standards had been upheld. The deep disappointment I expressed in a previous statement in January has not abated.

“Given that, I will be voting No Confidence in Boris Johnson this evening.”

PM ‘sending personalised letters to every Tory MP’

11:05 , Daniel Keane

Boris Johnson is mounting a last-minute charm offensive on wavering Tory MPs to save his premiership, according to The Times’ Steven Swinford.

The PM reportedly writes: “I know over recent months I have come under a great deal of fire, I know that experience has been painful for the whole party.

“Some of criticism has been perhaps fair, some less so. I have listened and learned.”

Hunt calls for PM to go

10:57 , Daniel Keane

Former minister Jeremy Hunt has called for “change” and said he would vote for the prime minister’s removal from office.

The Tory MP for South West Surrey, who is a favourite to run in a prospective leadership contest, tweeted: “Having been trusted with power, Conservative MPs know in our hearts we are not giving the British people the leadership they deserve.

“We are not offering the integrity, competence and vision necessary to unleash the enormous potential of our country.

“And because we are no longer trusted by the electorate, who know this too, we are set to lose the next general election.

“Anyone who believes our country is stronger, fairer & more prosperous when led by Conservatives should reflect that the consequence of not changing will be to hand the country to others who do not share those values. Today’s decision is change or lose. I will be voting for change.”

Reacting to his statement, Mr Rees-Mogg told Sky News that Mr Hunt “clearly wants another go” at leading the party after losing in the previous leadership election.

Rees-Mogg brands booing of Boris ‘folderol’

10:52 , Daniel Keane

Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency Jacob Rees-Mogg has described the booing of Boris Johnson at St Paul’s on Saturday as “folderol”.

Shown the footage during an interview on Sky News, Mr Rees-Mogg responded: “That was all a bit miserable really”.

Folderol is defined as “trivial or nonsensical fuss” in the dictionary, for readers who understandably may not be familiar with Mr Rees-Mogg’s term.

“Anybody who’s influence by some muted noise that rather excited a few journalists would not be showing the judgement and wisdom you’d expect of a Conservative MP,” he added.

Pound rallies as Johnson faces confidence vote

10:44 , Daniel Keane

The pound rallied against the US dollar and the euro after it was announced that the vote of confidence in Boris Johnson would go ahead.

Sterling rose 0.6 per cent to 1.26 US dollars and 0.4 per cent to 1.17 euros.

Victoria Scholar, head of investment at interactive investor, said: “The pound will be closely watched this evening, with above average volatility expected around tonight’s decision.

“If Johnson loses, sterling, which in part signals international investor confidence in the UK, could get a boost and reverse some of the recent negativity.”

Watch: Starmer says Tory MPs should ‘show leadership’ and remove PM

10:33 , Daniel Keane

PM comes out fighting ahead of confidence vote

10:22 , Daniel Keane

Boris Johnson came out fighting this morning, vowing to win a confidence vote and take forward the Conservatives as “one united party”.

Responding to Sir Graham Brady’s announcement of a confidence vote, Mr Johnson wrote to his party’s MPs, appealing for their backing.

“Tonight we have the chance to end weeks of media speculation and take this country forward, immediately, as one united party,” he said.

“Tonight is the moment to draw a line under the issues our opponents want us to talk about – and to focus instead on what really matters: the needs of the voters who sent us to Westminster.

“I am asking you for your support tonight because I know how much we can achieve together.”

Javid: Let’s draw a line under speculation

10:19 , Daniel Keane

Health secretary Sajid Javid has urged MPs to end the “speculation” hovering over Boris Johnson’s premiership and back him in tonight’s vote.

He tweeted: “We are a proud democratic party so let’s use tonight’s vote to draw a line under the speculation and move on.

“The PM has got the big calls right and has my backing. We must unite and focus on the huge challenges we face as a country.”

Davey says vote is ‘judgment day’ for PM

10:15 , Daniel Keane

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said the confidence vote marks “judgment day” for the Prime Minister.

“It’s judgment day for Conservative MPs and their sleaze-ridden Prime Minister,” he tweeted.

“If they fail to sack Boris Johnson, it will be an insult to all those who made sacrifices and suffered while he partied.”

Truss: PM has my ‘100% backing’

10:01 , Daniel Keane

Foreign secretary Liz Truss has backed the PM in tonight’s confidence vote.

She tweeted: “ The Prime Minister has my 100% backing in today’s vote and I strongly encourage colleagues to support him.

“He has delivered on covid recovery and supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

“He has apologised for mistakes made. We must now focus on economic growth.”

Mordaunt silent on confidence vote

09:58 , Daniel Keane

While Tory MPs and ministers publicly backed Boris Johnson, trade minister Penny Mordaunt said she would be in her constituency attending a D-Day commemoration service.

Ms Mordaunt, viewed as a potential leadership contender in any race to succeed Mr Johnson, tweeted: “Today I will be attending Portsmouth’s commemoration service to remember the efforts and sacrifice of D-Day.”

I’m different from Johnson, says Starmer

09:45 , Daniel Keane

Sir Keir Starmer said he is “different” from the Prime Minister, as he reiterated his pledge to step down from his role if he receives a fixed penalty notice from Durham Police.

Asked on LBC radio about the incident where the Labour leader was pictured drinking a beer with colleagues during a meal break while campaigning during lockdown, Sir Keir said: “I am absolutely clear that there was no breach of the rules.

“In my case, we were on the road with a team. We stopped for something to eat. There was no breach of the rules and I’ve made that clear over and over again.

But he added that if the police issue him with a fixed penalty notice, “I will do the right thing and I will step down because it’s very important, I think, for everybody to hear and to know that not all politicians are the same.

“I think the Prime Minister has made a big mistake by trying to cling on in relation to the law-breaking that we know went on in Downing Street.

“I’m different – and if that fixed penalty notice is issued then… I will step down from my posts because I do believe that democracy relies on integrity and honesty, and I hold others to high standards so I’m going to hold myself to those high standards.”

Dowden: PM ‘has got the big calls right’

09:28 , Daniel Keane

Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden tweeted: “I will be voting for Boris Johnson in the confidence vote tonight.

“He’s demonstrated real leadership in getting the big calls right as PM – Brexit, vaccines, reopening and Ukraine.

“I hope after this vote we can come together and focus on the future. Let’s face the big challenges united and focused on delivery.”

Gove lends his support to PM

09:17 , Daniel Keane

Communities Secretary Michael Gove voiced his support for the Prime Minister, tweeting: “I’ll be voting for Boris this evening. The PM got the big decisions right on Brexit and Covid.

“We need to focus now on defending Ukraine, driving levelling-up and generating growth. We need to move past this moment and unite behind Boris to meet these challenges.”

Good morning

09:09 , Daniel Keane

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the latest events in Westminster.

Boris Johnson is facing a confidence vote in his premiership after the 1922 Committee’s threshold of 54 letters was met this morning.

Since, cabinet ministers have rallied around the PM – insisting it represents an opporunity to “draw a line” under weeks of frustration on the backbenches.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said he is standing by the Prime Minister despite having previously resigned from Boris Johnson’s Cabinet in 2020 when he was Chancellor.

Asked if he is sticking with Mr Johnson this time, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I’m supporting the Prime Minister and I hope more of my colleagues do tonight.

“The Prime Minister will speak to my colleagues at the 1922 meeting tonight and then they will of course make up their own mind.

“And, as I say that, let me be clear, I love my party. I think there’s a lot that we can be proud of. It’s a very proud democratic party.

“No leader that I’ve known of my party has got 100% support from every single colleague but we make decisions through due process openly and transparently, and tonight is an opportunity to put all this behind us and get on with the job.”


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