Reasons Why You Want To Hire A Construction Accident Attorney

7 Reasons To Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

Every single year, 10% of construction workers end up injured at work. Equipment defects and falls are just the incidents with the most severe of the potential outcomes. Construction accident law firm Cellino Law and similar work to help the construction workers go through the aftermath. This includes everything from dealing with workers’ compensation to lawsuits. 

The big problem is that so many injured workers do not actually know they have the right to file a claim to receive damages. Construction accident attorneys help with several different things. Hiring one is a very good idea because of reasons like the ones highlighted below. 

Holding All The Responsible Parties Accountable

There are several companies that might work on a construction project at the same time. This can include utility companies, construction companies, government agencies, and sub-contractors. And workers’ compensation benefits can also come in the mix to cover a large part of the expenses. 

With so many parties involved, it is really important to identify everyone that was responsible for what happened. The construction accident attorney is going to investigate the accident and will figure out exactly who is responsible. 

Negotiating With The Insurance Companies

Every construction site is a very dangerous work setting. There are several accidents that could happen, ranging from lacerations and bruises to death. Workers’ compensation does insure people and will rarely deny coverage if someone gets injured. However, this does not mean that the money you will receive will cover everything that you have to deal with. 

It is very easy to become overwhelmed while you recover and have to deal with funeral or medical expenses. There are also emotional problems you will need to deal with after the accident. The last thing you want to do is have to deal with insurance adjusters. The construction accident attorneys are going to negotiate the best deals for you. 

Fighting For Your Rights

Lawyers will represent worker interests when claims are filed and the employers target them. Insurance companies might end up increasing premiums because of how dangerous construction work is. Even so, the employer should offer the insurance policy even if it is more expensive. Premium rates tend to go up when there are several claims filed. Construction companies should still have this insurance in place instead of not having it. The construction accident attorney is going to fight for your rights. 

Speeding Up The Process

Contacting the construction accident attorney right after the injury is going to avoid the slower claims. Insurance firms are known to slow down the claim because they want to pressure you into accepting lower compensation. The construction accident attorney will coordinate with clients to anticipate paperwork and evidence. This basically leads to forcing the insurance adjustors to pay the right amount while not stalling. 

Remember that the investigation should cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Accident photos
  • Medical records
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Wage confirmation
  • List of related expenses

At the end of the day, having a construction accident attorney in your corner basically drastically increases how much money you are going to receive from the insurance adjusters.