Public Domain Books – How to Repurpose Public Domain Writing to Create Ebooks You Can Sell

You can create eBooks and other content by repurposing any material that is in the public domain. A public domain work is defined as anything not protected by copyright, and which may be used by anyone. There are several reasons that a work may be in the public domain.

  • If the writing was done prior to 1923 it is automatically available for your use. There are written materials, books, and reports that you can reformat easily and sell on the internet. It is estimated that there are over 85 million books on a wide variety of topics that are currently in the public domain. Most of these books are written on evergreen topics, meaning they will never become outdated ideas.
  • If the term of copyright has expired. Many people are just not interested in renewing their copyrighted material, or have passed away, leaving their writing to the public domain.
  • The author has chosen not to renew the copyright. This could be for a number of reasons.
  • The work is from the United States government. Unless someone else has already taken out a new copyright, this work is also yours for the taking.

If any of these things have taken place, the books and other materials are available for you to use freely. However, you will want to find resources to help you sort out the information that is available. The problem has always been that there is so much available on the internet it is difficult to know where to look.

In the past I have recommended site such as Project Gutenberg and Authorama, but this can be a long and tedious process at best. This is a great way to have an eBook or other content ready to sell very quickly. If this is of interest to you in any way, you owe it to yourself to consider using public domain works as a source of articles, reports, and eBooks to sell online.

Imagine finding a book on your exact topic and being able to reformat it so that it looks more modern and attractive to today’s readers. You can do just that, as well as use this information to create reports and other materials to give away as lead generators and bonuses. You can also break up these books into hundreds of articles that you can widely distribute around the internet, as well as blog posts, bringing you thousands of interested visitors that may be interested in purchasing the books in eBook form. You will have a lifetime of content and be able to focus on attracting people to your sales letters where your eBooks will be available for sale.

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