Why It Makes Sense to Hire an Experienced Lawyer to Handle Traffic Ticket Cases

Recently a client told me that they didn’t think it made sense to hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket. They thought it would make more sense to just pay the fine and move on.

But that is not always the case. An experienced lawyer handling traffic ticket cases can often get penalties reduced or find alternate options.


Having a traffic attorney on your side who understands the legalities of a case is a huge advantage. The right lawyer will know how to defend the client and provide justifications. They will also have a lot of experience in dealing with the court system.

A ticket can cost you a lot in the long run. It can lead to higher insurance rates or even a loss of your license. If you are concerned about losing your job as a driver or if you have children in school that depend on you for transportation, it is important to fight the ticket.

A lawyer with lots of experience can help you avoid these problems by getting your charges dismissed or reduced. They will also be able to save you time by handling the entire process on your behalf.

Knowledge of the Law

Whether you are facing serious “must appear” traffic citations that can result in jail time, substantial fines, or points that can lead to the revocation of your license, or just concerned about higher insurance rates, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer.

Attorneys have a superior knowledge of the law and can interpret it better than you could on your own. They also know the ins and outs of court procedures, and can quickly access important evidence that you might not be able to uncover yourself.

Additionally, experienced traffic lawyers often have pre-existing relationships with judges and prosecutors that may help them get your penalties reduced or dismissed. This local knowledge can make all the difference in your case. If you are unsure about the right lawyer to choose, ask for referrals from friends and family.

Negotiation Skills

A lawyer with good negotiating skills can help resolve your case without the need for trial. This can help you avoid insurance points, and even save your license.

A good traffic ticket attorney will know how to negotiate with prosecutors and judges. They may even have existing relationships with them, which can make a huge difference in a case.

Gordon Langer, an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Asheville NC, utilizes a variety of tactics to avoid insurance points and keep his clients’ driving records clean. He uses local knowledge and a thorough understanding of the county’s court procedures to his advantage in negotiations with prosecutors. This local knowledge is important, as Buncombe County traffic laws and procedures differ from neighboring counties. Also, the prosecutors have different methods for resolving citations and plea bargaining.

Knowledge of the Court System

Dealing with a traffic ticket is stressful and time-consuming. A lawyer can handle all of the legal aspects for you, helping to save you money on fines, prevent points from being added to your driving record, and even save your license.

An experienced attorney will have a better understanding of the local court system and how it applies to your case. They may have existing relationships with judges and prosecutors that can help to ease the process.

An experienced lawyer will know how to question the police officer effectively to expose any inconsistencies or defects in their testimony. This can lead to a win in your case.

Representation in Court

It is important to have an experienced lawyer represent you in court even for a simple traffic ticket. If you simply pay your ticket you are admitting guilt and losing the ability to fight or appeal the charges.

An experienced attorney can often attend pre-trial conferences and negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf without you having to be present. They also know how to challenge radar gun readings and other evidence in court.

If a judge or prosecutor believes that you have a valid defense they are more likely to drop the charge or at least reduce the penalties. The cost of hiring an attorney is generally worth it if you are able to avoid hefty fines, points on your license and insurance premium increases.

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