The recommended viewers for Builders The Encore Escape are Singularity or Alchemy. The download urls for the 32 & 64 bit versions are listed below. Although the Firestorm viewer can be and is frequently used in The Encore Escape, it may place limitations in some cases (one example is the Firestorm maximum prim size is 256, while Singularity  expands to 1024).

There are also examples of specific functions on some versions of Firestorm that can effect in-world actions. Firestorm is a great viewer, and many residents continue to use it, we do however ask that prior to filling out a support ticket, please dbl check the problem first using the Singularity or Alchemy viewer. It is also probably worth mentioning, that the quality of video cards, processors, memory and ISP bandwidths,  affect the performance of all viewers. Just as no two computers are not alike, no two in-world experiences are always alike.

-Team Encore-

Recommended Viewers for the Encore Escape
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