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Webster’s defines Team as a number of persons associated together in work or activity, but those of us with any business experience know the success of any worthwhile endeavor is always anchored to the people you associate yourself with. In that regard we consider ourselves in the best of company. Please take a few minutes and get to know the wonderful and talented folks who make the Encore Escape Possible.

CTM Underwood (President/Shareholder) Chris continues performing in real life bands as a songwriter, musician and singer, as he has for over three decades. He has been performing online starting in Paltalk , SL and now The Encore Escape, where his talent and input does not end at the edge of a virtual stage. His background in server management and knowledge of the  Opensimulator program continues to provide help & guidance to the Encore Team. CTM also lends his ability as accomplished creator and scripter, and has known many of us for  almost a dozen years.

Country Bob  (Vice-President/Shareholder)

Tweety 4Ever  (Secretary/Shareholder) Tweety came to us early on with  6 years of Second Life and InWorldz venue management. She started her adventure in SL as a DJ at the well known Wildcat Country Club and managed live singers. She learned to build and create clothes as well as various projects.She has a background in computers and business in real life as well as a lifetime of music involvement.  She calls herself an amateur at building but is never afraid to give it a good “Girl Scout” try and doesn’t shy away from editing scripts. Tweety has connections to some advanced builders and scripters who are always willing to step in when needed.

Potlatch Foggarty  (Founder/Co-Treasurer/Shareholder) has been singing online for eleven years. Starting in the Paltalk community, he migrated to SL and then to the OS Metaverse. Potlatch has extensive abilities in writing, recording, mixing and arranging music. Many of his videos posted on youtube deal with relevant real life issues that he feels deserve attention.  He is a proficient webmaster and a Florida State Certified Building Contractor in real life.

Bellaby Ballyhoo  (Founder/Co-Treasurer/Shareholder) has filled the role of manager for Potlatch for nine years in SL. She has extensive experience in live stream management as well as event coordination. Bellaby is also an accomplished content creator with a large home furnishings store located in the Gridz Mall in The Encore Escape. Her creative input and collaboration with Potlatch on all his YouTube video projects have produced relevant, true to life and heartfelt results.

Destiny Seranade (Director/Shareholder) Rebecca worked as a manager in several venues at The Las Vegas SL sim (featuring the Chippandales) where she contributed greatly to each scheduled performance. She also was part of the always popular Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Show which includes input from dozens and dozens of entertainers, animators, scripters and creators. Destiny brings her people skills to bear as a venue manager and entertainment scout in Team Encore.

Voice Doobie (Director/Shareholder)

Jan Frenberg (Director)

Amanda Steadham (Director)

LeaNetara Landar (Director)

Southern Destiny  (Director) is a professional programmer, retired paramedic, and a US Navy Vet in RL.  As a ten year veteran of SL, he owned and operated a nine sim estate named Southern Fun, that became one of the Top 5 places to be in SL for fun & entertainment. Southern brings his considerable scripting abilities to the Encore, as well as a programmer’s expertise which he employs while heading up our Security Dept. Southern is also an accomplished creator, as well as helping manage the Flash Dancer group in SL.

Cassandra Zolnir’s  (Director)  Cass' degree in Business & Accounting came in handy while she owned and managed over 150 rental  properties spread over twelve sims in SL. For over seven years she not only managed the aforementioned property, she was also a business partner with Babien Seratti  in Heavens’ Tear the successful ballroom venue in SL mentioned above. Cass brings a rock solid, no-nonsense foundation to The Encore Escape’s Realty & Development arm.

Babien Seratti is the former manager and co-owner of Heavens’ Tear, one of SL’s most successful Ballroom Venues. His legacy continues to echo throughout SL every day, as he is probably more responsible than anyone for giving so many of SL’s top flight entertainers their start. JessieDane Ember, Satin & Erin, MrMike String, CTM Underwood, Melodee McDonnel, Only Half Crazy, Voice Doobie, Iriskaye Siamendes, ZDiva Sorbet, Dougie Moonites, Tony Learner, Jewels Osterham, Chardon Kass,  Angelndskyz Galicia, Dakota Carolina and Potlatch Foggarty to name just a few. Babs brings his venue experience as well as his creator skills exclusively to the Encore Team.

Terry Ford   Some would call Terry the back-end server guy, but we know better. We consider ourselves lucky to tell you our grid is powered by Terry Ford @ DigiWorldz. Terry’s experience on the Open Sim Metaverse, which he selflessly shares,  is extensive and matched by few. His professional attitude and integrity has proven itself to us time and time again. Some would say, you can’t do business with your competition ( i.e. DigiWorldz ) but we (as does Terry) understand that the Metaverse is a community, more than a race to the top. We all want it to prosper, and whether or not we are willing to admit it, we all share in each successful or failed effort. Terry is a valuable and seasoned asset to our success.
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