Steps to Take After a Vernon Bicycle Accident

5 Steps To Take After a Bicycle Accident - Legal Desire

Safety is crucial when riding a bike, but regardless of how safety-conscious bicyclists are, the odds are simply stacked against them since motor vehicles greatly outnumber bicycles on Connecticut roads. At some point, some bicyclists will inevitably get into an accident involving motor vehicles. 

Knowing what injured bicyclists must do in the aftermath of a bike crash can make a massive difference in how well they safeguard their legal rights and claim for financial compensation. Aside from calling the police or 911, reporting the crash, and documenting the accident scene, bicyclists must take the following steps to protect their claim.

Obtain Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

Bicyclists are simply more vulnerable to sustaining severe and potentially fatal injuries because they lack the protection that cars have. Head injuries are among the most common injuries that bicyclists can suffer in bike vs. car crashes, which could cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Other injuries common in bike accidents include road rash, multiple fractured bones, and spinal cord injuries, among many others. 

Injured bicyclists must get checked out by a doctor right after the crash to document their injuries, which can help their case when they file a claim against the driver that injured them. 

Do Not Negotiate With The At-Fault Driver

Even if the at-fault driver accepts the blame and apologizes for the crash, an injured bicyclist may not know the full extent of their injuries and related damages. Plus, the driver may change their mind later, try to deny the accident, or even blame the bicyclist. 

Talk to an Attorney Before Speaking with The At-fault Driver’s Insurance Company

Insurance claims adjusters are infamous for reaching out to injured claimants right after or within several days following the accident to try and get a statement they can use against the claimant when reviewing their claim. Likewise, claims adjusters often offer early settlements to get claimants to settle their claims.

While this quick settlement might seem tempting when an injured bicyclist can’t work because of their injuries or has already incurred costly medical bills, insurance providers do this to avoid paying the full amount of the claim.  

In this light, the best thing that injured bicyclists can do is speak to an attorney first and let the attorney handle communications with the insurance provider. An experienced Vernon bicycle accident attorney can calculate the bicyclist’s damages and make sure that they get compensated. 

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Keep in mind that bicyclists have the same responsibilities and rights as motorists. But drivers must always be mindful of other road users around them, including other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, among others, to avoid accidents. The decisions you make right after the bike crash will have a significant impact on your chances to secure full compensation for your losses. 

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