leadership expert on why not taking responsibility degrades politics


What is the distinction in between having accountability and bearing duty? The former is what the primary minister, Boris Johnson, retains telling us he is doing. But the latter is what Sue Gray claims senior figures at the heart of authorities should do.

“The senior leadership at the centre, both political and formal, need to bear duty for this tradition,” wrote the civil servant in her report on rule-breaking functions at Downing Street through the pandemic.

As I have prepared about in my operate on leadership, if you bear obligation you carry a mark. Individuals can see that you are liable. This is not what the primary minister is undertaking. He takes duty and then immediately reneges on it.

We most likely shouldn’t be astonished by this conduct. It’s exactly what he did when he was a journalist, lobbing fictitious accounts of lifestyle in Brussels back to his editors at the Daily Telegraph. As he himself admitted to the documentary maker Michael Cockerell:

I located was form of chucking these rocks in excess of the backyard wall and I listened to this awesome crash from the greenhouse upcoming doorway around in England as every thing I wrote from Brussels was getting this remarkable, explosive impact on the Tory social gathering, and it truly gave me this I suppose relatively weird sense of power.

Jim Collins, the leadership expert and author of classic administration texts these as Constructed to Final and How the Mighty Slide, claims that we ought to talk to of any aspiring leader: “What are you in it for?”

In Johnson’s circumstance, there normally seems to be no objective to his premiership other than for him to continue on in business office. Numerous would be hard pressed to discover any apparent moral or even political path.

Why it matters

Johnson talks about management but arguably displays almost zero understanding of it or skill to supply it. Potentially right after getting lawful suggestions ahead of the law enforcement investigation, Johnson has claimed that it was his duty as a leader to demonstrate up at leaving events and raise a glass to mark colleagues’ departures.

This explanation of his existence at events that broke lockdown procedures may perhaps have been ample to fulfill the Metropolitan Law enforcement. But his genuine obligation as a chief is and was to established an example and not to tolerate rule-breaking, of which he need to have been mindful but now promises not to have been.

His duty is also to exhibit that Selection 10’s expectations should be cleaned up, and that, as the head of the federal government, he recognises that he can no longer perform as primary minister. His obligation, as a chief, need to be to resign.

Is this just in excess of-psyched Westminster tittle-tattle which has restricted importance for people facing a charge of dwelling disaster in the genuine globe? Should we just serene down and, as we are being urged to, “move on”? I worry not. One more obligation of political leadership is to prevent ethical contagion and the degradation of public everyday living. With every single day he carries on in business office Johnson damages the status of that workplace.

In parliament the backbench Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood requested if his colleagues could carry on defending Johnson’s conduct. The chief secretary to the Treasury, Simon Clarke, replied “yes”, and exchanged smiles with his fellow cabinet minster, Jacob Rees-Mogg. This is what moral contagion seems like. This is how wonderful organizations and organsations slide: when an more than-mighty leader infects all those all around him – it is typically a him – demanding unquestioning loyalty and complicity in immoral acts.

Where by corruption begins

This is the slippage, the moral relativism, when normally decent persons finish up corrupted by attempting to justify the unjustifiable. It is frequently accompanied by a sort of delusional humour, when those people who are trapped in a decaying system check out to keep their spirits up with smiles and jokes.

Remember Johnson’s initial submit-election cabinet assembly, when developed adults have been essential to repeat election slogans – “get Brexit accomplished!”, “40 new hospitals!” – for the Tv cameras. Ministers laughed, pretending to be in on the joke. But there was nothing humorous about the spectacle.

Members of Boris Johnson's cabinet sit around the cabinet table.
The Cabinet has been drawn into defending Johnson’s behaviour.
Number 10/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

It issues how a primary minister behaves, for democracy, for criteria in community existence, for our have common wellbeing. The chief of a nation sets an illustration and sets the tone. But leadership to Johnson way too normally means “getting absent with it” until eventually the future day’s newspapers arrive, when the cycle of deceit, deflection and denial starts off up all over again. It is a pitiful and detrimental spectacle which does us all damage. Johnson doesn’t seem to be to care or respect why he need to treatment. But, as a chief, he need to.

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