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In the 1850s in the U.S. there was a political occasion identified as the Native American Occasion. It commenced as a secret society which opposed immigration, was xenophobic, racist, and fearful of Catholicism, and had almost nothing to do with Indigenous folks. Their meetings had been held in magic formula, they would solution queries about their proceedings with “I know nothing.” So, they became acknowledged as the “Know Nothing” Get together. Later on they turned 1 of the foundations of the Republican Celebration we know currently as the GOP.

Right now the GOP has developed into the “We Don’t Care Celebration.” Even though no just one has appear out and declared this their new motto, it is expressed in dozens of iterations in the way they act, discuss, and marketing campaign.

Managing for Congress and want Trump’s blessing? Straightforward. Lie and say you feel the 2020 election was racked with pretend ballots, fraudulent voting equipment, and corrupt election officials. Utter these phrases, “The election was stolen by Joe Biden.” If another person difficulties it, just say “We Don’t Care!”

Want to be a Supreme Court Justice? When asked about Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Senate just say, “It’s settled as precedent of the Supreme Court” (Kavanaugh), or “Roe v. Wade is the regulation of the land — I settle for the regulation of the land, senator, of course.” (Gorsuch), or “It’s not the law of Amy, it is the legislation of the American people” (Barrett). But listening to their existing place, it is very clear that these ended up lies. If somebody issues it, just say “We Really do not Care!”

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Your party’s candidate loses the Presidential election, but you foment riot and have the U.S. Congress violently invaded on the working day that the election is verified. No issue, just lie and say, “It was just a regular vacationer take a look at to the Capitol” or “It was just folks becoming patriotic.” If an individual issues it, just say “We Really do not Treatment!”

Do you want to be recognized as a Indigenous Son? Claim you are a fifth generation Montanan. The reality that you have been born in Van Nuys, California (Daines) is only forgotten. Want to operate for office in Japanese Montana? Simply call you a “Rancher” even nevertheless you have no livestock and moved right here just after dwelling most of your everyday living in Maryland (Rosendale). If another person problems it, just say “We Never Care!”

Move expenditures in the Republican controlled Montana Legislature, and indication them into law as the Republican Governor (Gianforte) even although you are warned that they are unconstitutional? No challenge! We’ll devote the taxpayers’ revenue combating these courtroom instances when they are challenged by people today whose rights are becoming infringed. If somebody difficulties it, just say “We Do not Treatment!”

A courtroom orders that new voting guidelines handed by the Montana Legislature on voting are place on maintain and unenforceable although the case is settled. You’re the Secretary of Condition (Jacobsen), sworn to uphold the law of the land, and you do nothing to suitable the situation with the rapid approaching major election. Invalid regulations are nevertheless in location on the condition website, puzzling voters about ID demands, when they can sign up, mail-in ballots, and if they can register on election working day. If someone problems it, just say “We Do not Care!”

Want to circumvent the public’s “right to know legal guidelines,” which are in the Montana Constitution? If you’re the Governor (Gianforte) just stall for months on requests and/or demand exorbitant expenses for the paperwork in order to preserve them secreted away alternatively than out there as they should really be by legislation. If a person troubles it, just say “We Do not Treatment!”

Really do not consider in the stability of electric power amongst the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state authorities? The Republican controlled legislature shaped a committee to look into judicial perform, even while it is an unprecedented step exterior of their scope of authority. If an individual problems it, just say “We Really do not Treatment!”

These are just some of the instances of the approaches in which the new authoritarian GOP is arrogantly employing the establishments of democracy to ruin democracy. And if a person troubles them on it, they just say, “We Really don’t Treatment!”

If you treatment, in the up coming election vote versus the “We Really don’t Care Party” candidates. Keep in mind, it also signifies they “Don’t Care” about you.

Jim Smith is retired and life in Helena. 


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