Influencers as the Modern Entrepreneurs

The term of ‘influencer’ seems to be a lot in use these days. As the use of social media arises, influencers have recently made the word ‘public figure’ can simply be attached to someone if they have a huge number of people following them in social media. Guess what, now this kind of trend has become a new way to earn a living, which is why some think of being influencers the same as being an entrepreneur. 

Why Influencers can be said as ‘the Modern Entrepreneur’?

The term influencers can be simply defined as someone or a group of people who influences their followers on social media to act, to buy, or to use the product/service/habit the way the influencer is having. Often coming with many followers, these people are often ‘employed’ by companies to introduce their product to public for a specific amount of money. That way, influencers are hired to become a ‘marketer’, either for a short period of time or the vice versa.

Still, why do people think that influencers are the modern type of entrepreneur? Before understanding why these groups of people are known to become modern entrepreneurs, first we need to know what defines a traditional entrepreneur.

  • Traditional Entrepreneur

According to Oxford Languages, entrepreneur is defined as an individual who manages and runs one or more businesses. Other definition states that entrepreneur is someone who makes a new business, abiding the risk(s) all alone, and possessing most of the rewards all by his/herself.

Hence, to make money, entrepreneurs have to start from as low as gathering the idea, planning the business, collecting resources, creating the product/service, to even marketing the product/service. Although they may have a team under their management, entrepreneurs are the head. Decision making is their job description, aside from managing the team to produce the goods or services to meet the market’s demand.

  • How influencers are similar as entrepreneurs

Influencers are similar as entrepreneurs in terms of how they make money, but what they do for cash to call their bank account is not direct. Some even meet a murky path when they are building themselves on social media.

Compared to traditional entrepreneurs, influencers need to make their base of followers first; and it must be a lot. To make these followers stay, quality contents under a specific niche is what they need to provide. Some influencers don’t have their niche to begin with, but they have a certain value to offer. 

After they have a huge number of followers, then typically brands are reaching for them naturally—especially brands which has a specific link with the influencers they are targeting. In this case, companies themselves are the clients, whereas influencers themselves are the brand who needs to be uplifted as time advances. But what does it mean?

Let’s say, one’s number of followers on social media is currently 100 thousand people. If the number of followers stops there, then it won’t do any good to the influencer him/herself. That is why they need to make a strategy of how to make the number of follower increases.

Some influencers, too, may have started their new brands. This is also where the act of gathering ideas and implementing it plays a huge role in determining the business’ success, which also explains why influencers are similar with entrepreneurs. 


Is Being a Social Media Influencer a Real Career? Find out the Answer Now!

In fact, being a social media influencer is something that many young people do these days. They do it in many platforms available today, including on Instragram, TikTok, and YouTube. You can actually gain millions of followers and then become really, really rich. Is this a real career, though? Well, if you do it right, surely this is a real career, and everyone can gain permanent popularity from this. 

Why Being a Social Media Influencer is a Real Career?

The reason why the previous paragraph stated that being a social media influencer is a real career is because the real career is like the one that can make you productive and it brings you money for living. If you are really into social media and content-making industry, surely you can make a career out of this and become a really popular person in social media. These are the reasons why the career is real.

1. Popularity and Branding

The first reason is that becoming a social media influencer will make you so popular, and then you will get followed by many people all across the platform, whether it is from your own country or beyond. This way, you can build a branding out of yourself and basically established a name. Everyone will know who you are and what you do. It is interesting way to be famous.

2. Endorsement Projects

From there, you will be getting tons of offers. The more followers you have and the more popular your page is, you will be more interesting for marketing. Many brands and products will start offering you to endorse their products and convince your followers to get or buy their products as well. They will pay you for this.

3. Advertisement and Other Offers

When you become really, really popular, surely you can go beyond endorsement. You should be able to get an offer of advertisement or something more serious. It will pay you even bigger money, and getting you wider connection to people. At this point, you are now more than social media star, but you have been known as basically a celebrity and brand ambassadors. 

4. The Social Media Paid You

You won’t only get the money from the endorsement and advertisement, but you can also get them from the social media alone. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, as well as YouTube are mostly connected to AdSense, and they will pay you for your contents. That is a serious amount of money per day if you do it the right way.

Well, that is all you have to understand about becoming an influencer on social media. Yes, this is a real career, and it brings out a lot of money, actually. This is why young people are so encouraged these days to use all platforms of social media and make as many contents as possible to fill their profile. There are bad sides of this, though, as always, but to think people can be rich using this method, it is so intriguing indeed.