Hyatt Legal Plan – A Popular Group Legal Plan Choice

Hyatt Legal Plan – A Popular Group Legal Plan Choice

Although there are a number of legal plans available, there are only a few major players in the legal plan services field. Hyatt Legal plans, a wholly owned subsidiary of MetLife, is a major provider of group legal plans in the workplace. Group legal plans have become a standard employee benefit, and offer low cost legal assistance for employees that is deducted automatically from their payroll check. If you are an employer or an employee, you may want to consider utilizing a Hyatt Legal Plan.

Employer offered legal plans have risen in popularity over the last decade or so. As more people have become familiar with a legal service plan, companies have made these plans more available. Legal plans are attractive to employers because they have have tangible benefits, but do not have high administrative costs for the company. For a low monthly fee, which is withdrawn directly from their paycheck, an employee can have access to an attorney, and receive both complimentary and reduced price services. While a legal plan is something an employee may not purchase on their own, having it directly available to them is an added benefit. This in turn, contributes to a more stable work environment, as the employee will have help with any legal problems that might affect their job performance.

Although the Hyatt legal plan is available individually, it is only offered in a limited amount of states. The primary focus for the plan is as a group benefit directly to companies. These plans service nearly three million employees and related family members, and have a network of more than 9,000 attorneys. In addition to the attorneys, Hyatt legal plan also has customer service representatives available to assist with information about plan benefits.

Group plan coverage addresses a variety of legal issues, and provides comprehensive support on a variety of legal issues. Typical plan services of will and trust preparation, general telephone consultations, and document review are covered, but group plans offer assistance in a wide variety of other areas. Some of the the services in a group plan include assistance with traffic court, debt matters, and estate planning.

Some group legal plans may have limitations or exclusions, such as employment or company related matters where the employee has a conflict with the company they work for. If you are an employee using a group legal plan, its important that you are aware of any exclusions or limits a coverage that may exist. Also, you may have to pay extra for additional plan services.

Having a group legal plan can be an additional benefit for an employee. If you are an employer, you may want to consider offering a Hyatt Legal Plan to your employees, as they offer a wide variety of legal benefits at a low monthly cost. Group legal plans provide can be a valuable asset to your benefit options.

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