How To Prevent And Handle Party Crashers

Approach the party crashers politely and calmly: By reacting harshly you could set off a potentially violent incident; it’s always best to remain calm and not lose your cool. Be aware of their demeanor and behavior: Are they friendly and respectful, or intoxicated and aggressive? How they carry and present themselves will be key to your handling of the situation.

Ask them how they heard about your party: The answer to this question can help you to decide whether or not to allow them to stay. Were they invited by another guest? Did they just walk by and come in? This information can also help you to know whether to expect other uninvited guests or a repeat situation later in the night.

Decide if it’s worth it to kick them out: If the party crashers are friendly and you would like them to stay, everybody wins – and you may have made some new friends! It this is the case, welcome them and have a good time, knowing your party is clearly the place to be!

If you would like the party crashers to leave:

Remain calm. As the host and person in charge, it is your duty to keep a level head.

Expect resistance or combative behavior

Explain (politely) to the unwanted guests that this party is by invitation only. They should get the hint.

If all else fails, try this last-resort trick: In some cases, the truth is not always the best policy; One trick that works wonders for clearing out uninvited guests is to tell them that you just got word that the cops have been called and are on their way. This often happens with large parties, usually on behalf of an irritated neighbor or in some cases, even the host’s housemates. After privately telling your close friends and in-control (and invited!) party guests what is going on, make it seem like now that the police are officially involved, the party is over. Have people start shuffling toward the door and appear to be heading out. Most overzealous party crashers do not want to consciously test the limits of the law during their night out, so chances are they will call it a night and leave willingly.

Prevent party crashers from ruining your night by:

Making it clear in the invitation or to your friends whether they may invite others.

If the party crashers seem dangerous or are armed, call the police immediately

Hire some mega- muscle for the night: Professional security guards or bodyguards are trained to deal with these types of situations, and above all else, provide priceless peace of mind that you, your property, and your guests are protected, in the event that your party is so cool it just had to be crashed.

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