Like most OS Grid founders, the Encore Team has deep roots in Second Life. As early pioneers in many entertainment endeavors there, the four original founders of The Encore Escape (Potlatch Foggarty, Bellaby Ballyhoo, Rocky & Shannon Hillburton) have a cumulative total of over  thirty-four years in online entertainment experience.

As a group, (along with Pat Wunderland ) they were responsible for the creation and eight successful years of SL Toys for Tots fundraising. Since most of the money raised was always associated with some type of entertainment event, people skills, management and the ability to bring large groups together were paramount. The SL Toys-for-Tots campaign has raised over $100,000.00 US, thanks to the generosity of SL residents.

The TEE founders also created and operate, on ongoing venture in music stream management located in SL. After five successful years of supplying streams to hundreds of the best entertainers & DJ’s in SL, they are now expanding to the OS.

Potlatch Foggarty  has been singing online for 11 years. Starting in the Paltalk community, he migrated to SL and then to the OS Metaverse. Potlatch has extensive abilities in writing, recording, mixing and arranging music. Many of his videos posted on youtube deal with relevant real life issues that he feels deserve attention.  He is a proficient webmaster and a Florida State Certified Building Contractor in real life.

Bellaby Ballyhoo has filled the role of manager for Potlatch for nine years in SL. She has extensive experience in live stream management as well as event coordination. Bellaby is also an accomplished content creator with a large home furnishings store located in the Gridz Mall in The Encore Escape. Her creative input and collaboration with Potlatch on all his YouTube video projects have produced relevant, true to life and heartfelt results.

Rocky & Shannon Hillburton have been a part of the SL music & entertainment community for over seven years. As well as building and managing one of SL’s top rated Country Music venues, they also took over the management responsibilities of the Toys-for-Tots fundraising campaign from the third year to date. Coordinating and scheduling hundreds of events on an annual basis is a daunting task, and best handled by those who understand the ins and outs of the SL music & entertainment community. Their work even took them to Quantico, Virginia to meet with the Major William J. Grein, USMC (Ret) to arrange the Corporate Partnership awarded the effort.

In late 2016, other responsibilities made it all but impossible for Rocky and Shannon to continue as participating partners in our endeavor. Their real life family and Rocky's new job as a commercial Project Superintendent traveling coast to coast, set priorities that left little room for additional time to help run the grid. Their participation and expertise will be greatly missed. We do however look forward to them returning to The Encore Escape again soon.
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