Food additive or carcinogen? The growing list of chemicals banned by EU but used in US


There is a concealed ingredient used as a whitener in an array of food items, from candies and pastries to cheeses and gum. It is identified as titanium dioxide, and although frequently utilized in the US, it’s remaining banned in the EU as a achievable carcinogen.

The additive, also recognised as E171, joins a host of other chemical compounds that are banned in foodstuff in the European Union but permitted in the US.

These include Azodicarbonamide, a whitening agent observed in meals this kind of as breads, bagels, pizza, and pastries in the US, which has been banned in the EU for extra than a ten years. Recognized as the “yoga mat’’ chemical due to the fact it is typically discovered in foamed plastic, the additive has been linked to bronchial asthma and respiratory troubles in exposed employees and, when baked, to most cancers in mice scientific studies.

Potassium bromate, an oxidizing agent usually found in bread and dough and connected in animal research to kidney and thyroid cancers, has been banned in the EU since 1990 but is continue to frequently made use of in […]


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