Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny Against Fathers in Family Court

Fathers are being destroyed under the tyrannical feminist policies of family court. A massive state industry is based and funded on its anti-father court judgments. This article overviews the various factions in this industry and within society that help cover up this tyranny against fathers, family and freedom.

-The tyranny:

Family court processes and judgments, under divorce and paternity suits, overwhelmingly deny fit fathers their parental rights to care for and directly support their children. All constitutional due process is ignored while the state and the mother virtually kidnap the children from the father and then extort debilitating and destructive payments – euphemistically called child support – from him for up to 22 years and for whatever the mother wishes.

This puts the father in a virtual slave position without constitutional rights and easily thrown in jail if he can’t pay everything demanded by the court. Any accusation of abuse the mother makes against the father will guarantee this situation too. It’s a criminalizing process that is also extortive and devoid of constitutional due process.

The courts use ‘greater good’ excuse laws – specifically, the best interest of the child, and the safety of women abuse excuses – pushed, supported, and maintained by feminist and women’s rights adherents. These laws unconstitutionally override the fundamental rights and protections that our constitution is supposed to guarantee to each of us. ‘Greater good’ laws are always the excuse of tyrannies. Our individual fundamental rights and protection are supposed to be freedom’s greater good.

A state-based industry, I call the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI), has exploded over the last 40 years whose funding, directly or indirectly, relies on the denial of fundamental rights that fathers face in family court. The DDVI includes the judicial, executive and legislative departments, at both state and federal levels, and all affiliates that help adjudicate, prosecute, extort money from, and punish fathers subjected to these tyrannical family courts. State and nationwide child support payments and the enormous funding by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) trigger enormous fees, commissions, penalties, and job security for all components of the DDVI.

-The Feminist Fraud – a wolf in sheep’s clothing:

Feminist ideas and adherents have pervaded all aspects of society – education, business, government, and media. In fact it’s popular for many politicians – including men – to consider themselves feminists. That’s because they’re for ‘equal rights’ or equal opportunity’ for women.

But the feminist fraud is the misconception that feminism simply means equal opportunity for women when, in fact, state-imposed feministic policies, especially in the judicial processes, have forced feminist sexism against men and denial of fundamental rights and protections to men and fathers. A great deal of feminist-based propaganda had distorted facts to push their agenda of privileges for women – often called women’s rights – but at the direct denial of constitutional rights of men.

It’s based on phony propaganda that men are bad and women are good. It’s a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. The perversion of our laws and policies has used propaganda and obscuration of these denials of most fundamental rights. True liberty means the protection of individual rights – the unalienable rights the U.S. was formed to secure for each of us. Communism and Nazism, the 20th century tyrannies, professed other rights – social rights – as more important than individual rights. They, of course, needed to impose their ‘rights’ and ‘views’ since they’re ultimately unnatural rights and undermine our natural liberties. Socialism is the handmaiden of such tyrannies – and more so the greater socialist policies and mandates pervade society.

The feministic ‘PC’ intolerance we’ve all come to know reflects the suppression of any criticism of whatever feministic/women’s policy is being pushed or imposed. It reflects the mindset that underlies most feminism. That’s why it’s better characterized as feminazism.

The fruit of state-imposed feminism is most evident in family court where fit fathers under complaints from women are virtually criminalized and enslaved without constitutional due process. No equal opportunity – nor equal outcome – is allowed to occur in these courts – as feminism in any other circumstance would demand! And all procedures are arranged to suppress awareness of this unjust circumstance.

Taking place through the family court judgments is the most dramatic re-engineering of society into a matriarchal tyranny based on enslaving fathers to perform their (slave) responsibility devoid of their fundamental parental rights, benefits, and other constitutional protections. The enormous fallout from these feminist-instigated and maintained policies is shown in the social pathology children face today and the destruction of fathers and family – and, of course, freedom.

-The feminist fraud factions that maintain this tyranny against fathers:

Imposing state-feminism that denies fathers their parental rights while propagandizing the ‘divide and conquer’ men-bad / women-good strategy are three major factions of society. Together, they wield enormous power to implement this tyranny but at the same time cover up the effective denial of rights this tyranny relies upon.

They are:

* Government branches led by judiciary by its anti-father and unjust family court orders. It imposes the greater good excuse laws against men and fathers.

* Rights-related Organizations which enforce their view on society through women’s rights and safety of women. These include national and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). They imposed the same type of ‘greater good’ excuse laws and policies that deny to fathers what we consider as fundamental rights. They ignore fundamental rights of fathers where they confront feminist/women’s rights issues.

* the PC media, which constitutes most of the media, press and TV. They spin events to to favor a feminist prospective or simply ignore or suppress anything that exposes the horrendous injustice taking place against fathers especially.

-What type of people would cover up such injustice:

Three categories of people exist within these factions that keep this tyranny going – and hidden. They are

1. Those who work to put the feminist agenda in place – they are willing to walk over men’s and fathers’ fundamental rights. They’re out there in large numbers hiding under the feminist fraud – i.e. the lie of ‘equal opportunity’ or ‘equality’.

2. Those who know that something is very wrong. They can see it and are afraid to speak up. They don’t want to be ostracized, lose a possible promotion, or lose their jobs for being ‘unsensitive’ to the propaganda about women’s plight.

3. Those who are not clear what’s happening or don’t want to think about it – or are simply brainwashed on feminism and can’t or refuse to see the clear injustice. They just leave it to others and collect their $200 for passing go in the process.

The first category of people represents the ideologues of feminazism. They are the leaders and key workers that brought this tyranny into existence and now enforce its malicious ways. They pervade all three of the feminist fraud factions listed above.

The last two classes of people are the cowards necessary for any tyranny to prevail. Such types flourish as the moral character of a society degenerates and the tyranny grows. They’re the ones who will claim – later- that they were ‘only doing their jobs’.

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