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Death by Nationalism? – UncommonThought

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By Robert C. Koehler
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Editor’s Observe

[I am running a trial of offering my Editor’s Note in an audio format. This is my first attempt.]

Do we have to have to get out of our heads and into our hearts? It appears to me that we individuals are acquiring some major mental problems and that we require to step again, choose a breath, and listen a moment. Listen to our breath, the breath of the man or woman upcoming to us, the breath of the Earth in the sigh of the wind.

The fact is that “over there” has in no way been that far away and the impacts of gatherings are normally global – like a stone thrown into a lake. We can see the ripples, but even after we just can’t see them with the bare eye they journey onward until eventually they strike an impediment (the shore, a rock, a floating log) and then they adjust study course. But there are also the unseen repercussions of that stone – the fish strike in the ribs from nowhere, or the soaring h2o level from the h2o displacement. I keep in mind reading about the birds in Britain that ended up disrupted by the nuclear tests in the Pacific. It was presumed that the massive air displacement of the explosions that were being thousands of miles away was the trigger of their distress. The very same is legitimate of whales reacting to ocean explosions.

So animals respond to these factors. Massive deal. It has absolutely nothing to do with us. Genuinely? What about the modifications we can not see, like the problems becoming accomplished at the mobile level? There is now nuclear particles (with several levels of radioactivity) everywhere on our house (and in it). Tactical nukes continue to disperse nuclear materials, and nuclear crops still pose a global menace i.e. the Fukushima plant that was ruined by an earthquake. The problems caused by the broad array of unfastened nuclear particles is not only hidden (as in unseen) it is deliberately hidden. There are these scarce reports of environmental contaminants (such as radioactive components) found in polar bears – mostly from their meals sources. Contaminants contained during the foodstuff chain focus as they go up the chain. Just logically, what is at the top of the food items chain? Supposedly human beings. That implies that challenges anyplace in the meals chain are in us… and have various results. Of study course, there are all kinds of incentives to distract us from simple biology to the elaborate as we go on the hunt for the good reasons we are possessing wellness troubles, and why kids are getting disorders once thought contained to (more mature) grownups.

Why is it we can believe that in particular factors we just can’t see – like angels, God, evil spirits, and vampires – but not think in other issues we simply cannot see – like viruses, air air pollution, and brain-detrimental short waves? And then not believe that in issues that we can see like environmental destruction, and around-development, or superior housing prices and the range of individuals residing on the streets? I’d say that inquiring minds want to know, but there look to be much less and much less of those people close to.

In between what we pick not to know (or think about) to conceptual ploys to form our perceptions and attitudes, we reduce sight of factors correct in entrance of us. From time to time I think we are a lot more conceptually constrained than we want to admit. We can cry about the reduction of 1 little one – or it’s possible a few – but countless numbers of children are just a human fact we simply cannot keep in our heads. How large can we meaningfully count? I question that most of us can grasp the prosperity held by the best 1%. What do our brains do with the point that the leading 1% in the U.S. held $45.9 TRILLION at the stop of 2021? What is a trillion, or a billion, or for that subject a million? Can we definitely believe earlier a couple and many? I think not, and so we occur up with mental shortcuts that blind us further like those who have worth and people who do not, and regrettably that implies that ultimately we are all truly worth significantly less in the large plan of items – and it appears to be like all the techniques are big these days.

Robert C. Koehler

The match might be practically over.

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies put it this way:

“The irresolvable problem dealing with Western leaders is that this is a no-get situation. How can they militarily defeat Russia, when it possesses 6,000 nuclear warheads and its navy doctrine explicitly states that it will use them just before it will acknowledge an existential navy defeat?”

Neither aspect is inclined to let go of its determination: to secure, to extend, a piece of the entire earth, no issue what the price. The video game of conquest — the recreation of war, and all that arrives with it, e.g., the dehumanization of most of humanity, and the indifference to its toll on the world alone — has been heading on for hundreds of several years. It’s our “history.” Certainly, record is taught from war to war to war.

Wars — who wins, who loses — are the building blocks of who we are, and they have managed to take in the many counter-philosophies that crop up, this kind of as religious perception in appreciate and interconnectedness, and change them into allies. Enjoy thy enemy? Nah, which is silly. Appreciate isn’t probable until you defeat the satan. And, oh yeah, violence is morally neutral, as per St. Augustine and the “just war theory” he came up with sixteen hundred a long time back (as I wrote about very last week). This created things so convenient for would-be conquerors.

And that philosophy has hardened into fact: We’re variety a person! Our empire is better than yours! And humanity’s weaponry — its capacity to fight and destroy — has state-of-the-art, from clubs to spears to guns to . . . uh, nukes.

Slight difficulty! Nuclear weapons make clear a reality we have beforehand been able to dismiss: The repercussions of war and dehumanization often, always, often occur house. There are no “nations,” apart from in our imagi-nations.

So are we trapped with all this electricity we have aligned in opposition to ourselves in defense of a falsehood? That appears to be to be the circumstance, as the war in Ukraine carries on and escalates, pushing by itself (and all of us) nearer to Armageddon. Much of the earth is knowledgeable of the hazard of this falsehood we even have a world corporation, the United Nations, that retains making an attempt to unite the earth, but it has no energy to power unity (or sanity) on the world. The fate of all of us appears to be to be in the fingers of a handful of leaders who essentially have nuclear weapons, and will use them if “necessary.”

And at times I fear the worst: that the only way these leaders will drop their energy — to acquire and probably use their nukes — is for a single or numerous of them much too, oh my God, launch a nuclear war. Females and gentlemen, we’re a split-next final decision away from these an event. Seemingly, in the wake of such a war — if human daily life has survived and is capable to commence rebuilding civilization — sanity and a perception of world wholeness may well obtain their way to the core of the human social composition and our collective thinking, obtaining no other selection, will last but not least see beyond war and war preparing.

Allow me fall the narrative at this level. I have no plan what is heading to take place, enable by yourself what’s likely to materialize “next.” I can only access into the depths of my soul and get started praying, you could possibly say, to each and every God on this earth. Oh Lords, enable humanity grow up right before it kills itself.

And as I pray, who displays up but the French thinker and political activist Simone Weil, who died in 1943, two years ahead of the nuclear age birthed alone, but who realized one thing was deeply improper? And of training course, substantially was now completely wrong. The Nazis managed her nation. She was ready to flee France with her mom and dad, but she died at age 34, evidently of a combination of tuberculosis and self-hunger.

But what she left at the rear of in her producing is a important pearl of awareness. Is it way too late? Here’s where I fall to my knees.

“Weil,” wrote Christy Wampole in a New York Situations op-ed a few years back, “saw in her historic second a loss of a feeling of scale, a creeping ineptitude in judgment and conversation and, ultimately, a forfeiture of rational considered. She noticed how political platforms staying created on words like ‘roots’ or ‘homeland’ could use additional abstractions — like ‘the foreigner,’ ‘the immigrant,’ ‘the minority’ and ‘the refugee’ — to turn flesh-and-blood people into targets.”

No human becoming is an abstraction! Is this exactly where the rebuilding begins?

And then a song begun playing in my head, in my soul. The tune is “Deportee,” composed and sung by Woody Guthrie 75 years ago, soon after a airplane crashed over California’s Los Gatos Canyon, killing 32 persons — mostly Mexicans, becoming sent back again to Mexico due to the fact they were being possibly below “illegally” or their guest employee contracts experienced expired. Initially, the media identified by identify only the precise People in america who died (pilot, copilot, stewardess). The relaxation have been basically deportees.

Goodbye to my Juan, goodbye, Rosalita,
Adios mis amigos, Jesus y Maria
You will not have your names when you journey the big plane,
All they will call you will be “deportees.”

What does this have to do with a Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight, ongoing slaughter and nuclear powers at odds with just about every other in Ukraine, a globe in endless and bloody conflict just about everywhere you go? I have no plan.

Other than, maybe, this: If a nuclear war occurs, all people on the earth is no more than a deportee.


Robert C. Koehler
Robert C. Koehler

Robert Koehler, syndicated by PeaceVoice, is a Chicago award-profitable journalist and editor. His e-book, Bravery Grows Strong at the Wound is available. Speak to him at [email protected] or go to his site at

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