VAR or "Varregion" is a feature of OpenSimulator that enables region sizes larger than the SL standard 256m x 256m. The region is larger and behaves like a standard region but with borders farther apart. One great feature of all VARS is that there are no region (or sim)crossings, which creates the ability to easily walk, fly, sail, drive or fly great distances with no interruptions. Vars come in many sizes, as an example, our entertainment core is a 9x9 VAR, which is the size of 81 regions (or sims). If you purchased a VAR or considering purchasing a VAR here are some quick guidelines:

VAR’s are usually not placed directly adjacent to a standard region or another VAR, in many cases they don’t play well together.

Teleporting inside a VAR from place to place is usually easily accomplished. Teleporting from one VAR to another VAR is a gamble, we recommend teleporting first to a standard region (like our TP Isle) that is not busy, and then teleport on to your VAR destination.

Flying around VARS, especially with a Speed HUD (included in your welcome kit), is a very effective and picturesque way to travel, because there are no region (sim) crossings. Depending on the size of the VAR you are on, you may want to increase the draw distance in your viewer preferences. Even with the maximum 1024 draw distance, you still can’t see from one end of our Encore Entertainment VAR to the other. Just remember, in most cases increasing your draw distance can produce lag (not on the region but in your viewer) we recommend dropping back to a more conservative distance (around 300) when you reach your destination.

Please remember the the OS grid community is an ongoing project. The code that makes our grids perform needs improvement and is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  It’s probably worth mentionning that the quality of video cards, processors, memory and ISP bandwidths,  affect the performance of all viewers. Just as no two computers are not alike, no two in-world experiences are always alike.

If you need any help or assistance, please let us know. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but our goal is to do everything in our power to make  your experience is a good one.

- The Encore Team -

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