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On August 15th - 18th 2019, The Woodstock 2019 Team will be hosting a 50th Anniversary virtual recreation of the Woodstock Festival with music, announcements & related events. The re-enactment will be in real time as the event actually occurred in 1969 and located at The Encore Escape virtual world OpenSim grid. The celebration will be held on an area scaled to approximately 150 acres (the size of nine SL sims) that has been carefully sculpted using US Geological Society topographic maps from 1967, to reflect the Woodstock site’s terrain, including adjacent roads, surrounding hills, forests, fences, streams and of course Max “Yasgurs Pond” (a favorite skinny dipping spot for concert-goers). The same amount of detail was used to create the performers stage, associated equipment, sound & light towers, concessions, vintage vehicle traffic jams, surrounding festival-goers campsites, as well as the performer’s pavilion & bridge over West Shore road to the world renowned Woodstock stage.

The first of the 33 performers (14 artists & 19 bands) will take the stage on Thursday, August 15th, at 5:07 pm EST, exactly 50 years later. The event will continue non-stop including rainstorm delays, announcements, technical difficulties and of course idle stage time when the festival goers would go up into the surrounding woods and crawl into tents, sleeping bags and cars late into the evening.

The Woodstock 2019 virtual event is an ongoing endeavor. While the event will be hosted on the OpenSim platform and environment, contributors for the event hail from many different virtual worlds. If you are a builder, scripter, animator, grid resident or grid owner we extend an open invitation for your input and participation. Feel free to contact us at:

You’re invited to join the celebration and participate in all the above activities, listen to the music, wander the landscape, skinny dip or just sit around a campfire and nod off in your tent, knowing you will be awakened by the loudspeakers testing the equipment, just prior to the concert resuming, just as it did five decades ago!

For those of you in Second Life, who do not yet exist on the OpenSim Metaverse, we extend a special invitation. Just email us at  and we will reply with the credentials (avatar name & password) to your own Hippy Avatar, dressed in the era and ready to experience the festival as it happened. Other than a two minute email to reserve your avatar, all you have to do is add TEE (The Encore Escape) virtual world to your Firestorm OS compliant viewer. Our website has a step by step tutorial (with screenshots) at that will easily guide you thru that process in about three minutes.

By the way, when your avatar arrives at the Festival landing point, we will not be searching backpacks, and we’re not saying what may be or may not be in your inventory, but chances are…you’re gonna fit right in with all the other Hippies. The event will be throttled at 300 live avatars, so reserve your avatar today. FYI, the word is when ya get there, the scene will already be full of over 600 festival goers, some dancing, some partying, and some just relaxing (or passed out). So remember the best recipe for a weekend of Peace, Love and Music, is to treat your neighbor well, stay away from the Brown Acid and don’t be a Bogart!

The Woodstock 2019 Team

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Woodstock 2019
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