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Meet the Woodstock 2019 Team
The Woodstock Team consists of builders, animators, scripters, researchers, and programmers. While one team member may have started out with a specific task, no one was limited to a single chore. The best trait of a great team is no one is confined to a particular build or idea, and that sums up the way we built Woodstock 2019, a group effort in every sense of the word.

The following people and groups are contributors in this endeavor, Potlatch Foggarty (Event Coordinator), Rocky Hillburton (Build Team Leader) Shannon Dubratt, Tweety 4ever (NPC Team Leader), Jan Frenburg, Country Bob, Dixie Dreamscape, Foxie Winx, Foxie Winx, Ares Baroque, Emmalena Damou, Bellaby Ballyhoo, Merrick Robonaught, Midnight Siren, Southern Destiny, Destiny Seranade, CTM Underwood, Canipanic Maslow, Aristippus Larsson, Alex Philo,,  Orb Emerald & Terry Ford (from DigiWorldz), JessieDane Ember .