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We Offer Var Regions . . .

The Encore Escape also offers VAR’s (variable area regions). These are regions that are much larger than a standard 256m x 256m region or sim and contain no region or sim crossings. Var regions are a relatively new addition to OpenSim grids. They provide a much larger region space for master planned communities & large combat or role playing environments.

They are created in multiple’s such as:
2 x 2 var region - 512m x 512m
3 x 3 var region - 768m x 768m
4 x 4 var region - 1024m x 1024m

The Encore Escape hosts a 5 x 5 var region we call Tropical Isles.  It is all water with scattered islands spread across 25 regions with no sim crossings! We offer free boats for weekly races and events. You’re invited! !

A'Hoy Mateys, just a reminder the Encore Escape Back Bay Poker Run starts every Thursday night @ 6:00 pm and your invited. It's a race to find 12 hidden poker cards scattered across 81 regions of water & islands with no sim crossings to slow you down. The clues will be given out five minutes prior to the start of the race at Snug Harbor Marina & docks. We have plenty of speedboats, as well as some great pontoon boats with beer coolers (for those who like to boat & toast!)  DJ Bob will be spinning some great Classic Rock and giving out additional clues to help you win the $1,000 gb prize, so keep your marine radio (stream) turned on. Don't forget that "safe boating is no accident" (and no fun) and be on the lookout for boating accidents and collisions. Make sure to take your Back Bay Map and remember; it's not how fast you cruise, it's how well you cruise fast!

For more information and detail about VAR's click "All About VAR's" under the "Support" tab on the Main Menu.