The Encore Escape

"Your Entertainment Destination on the OpenSim Metaverse!"

Tutorial: How to Join Us @ The Encore Escape

So, you’d like to come visit us at The Encore Escape, but you’re not sure how. This step-by-step tutorial will hopefully answer all your questions.

Step 01: Click on the “Create Avatar” header. (see image below)

Step 1

Step 02: Click on the “Create Free Avatar” sub header. (see image below)

Step 2

Step 03: View the different starter avatars on the carousel, choose one by remembering the name in caption at bottom of image.

Step 3

Step 04: Fill out the form with all the needed information. For the Avatar Look selection box, select the avatar you choose above in the carousel. Note** Your email address must be a valid address, you will be required to verify email before you can login. Also be sure to write down and remember the username and password you just created. You will need them to login to your account or to the grid.

Step 4

Step 04 (con't): Once completely filled out, click the Register button. Now check your email, for the verification email from The Encore Escape. Click the verify link provided. Once the verification process completes, go to Step 5.

Step 05: Now start your viewer, then click the Viewer button at the top right hand corner of the viewer screen.

Step 5

Step 06: In the submenu click on Preferences.

Step 6

Step 07: Click the Advanced tab on the left side of the Preferences window, and make sure the check box is checked as noted in the image below to "Allow login to other grids". Then click the OK button at bottom. The Prefereences window will now save the setting and close.

Step 7

Step 08: Click on Viewer again in the top right hand corner of the viewer screen, in submenu click on the Preference again to open the Preferences window. Select the Opensim tab on the left side of the Preferneces window. Then in top middle click the Grid Manager tab. In the Add New Grid: box type in "" without the quotation marks. Then click apply. You should see the bottom set of boxes self-populate. Then click the OK button at the bottom. The preference window will again save and close.

Step 8

Step 09: Now lastly at the bottom of the viewer screen, click the drop down arrow for the Login To Grid option and select The Encore Escape option. Then fill in the Username and Password you created for your new avatar. Then click the blue Login button.

Step 9