The Encore Escape
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                            The Encore Back Bay Poker Run

Our first Back Bay Poker Run is tonight at 6:00 pm with DJ Southern Destiny spinning your favorite water & gambling tunes. Listen as he flies high above the Back Bay of our 81 region var and giving us Coast Guard reports of boating mishaps and channel speed limit violations. The free boats will be at the Welcome Center Harbor, the Encore Marina as well as the docks of all our venues and attractions.

It's a race and your invited. Collect as many cards as possible to create the winning poker hand, and you win! Be advised, SAFE BOATING IS NO ACCIDENT so WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET!! Unlike the Poker Run with cars, there is a lot more area to cover (81 regions) and they are all accessible via the Encore Sea. Remember flying will be turned off during the event, so unless ya wanna best grab a boat and cruise.

Once you start up your outboard engines remember the rules  of the open sea - Arrow forward - to go forward, arrow back - is reverse, page up - shifts gears up, page down - shifts gears down. Poker card kiosks will be at the following locations, remember best 5 cards win, Jokers are wild (so is our DJ) and duplicate cards are also wild. 5 card ties will be decided by adding a 6th or 7th card if needed.

The winning hand will  receive E$1,000.00 !!

                                       Card Kiosk Locations

                  Remember each Card Kiosk will only give you one card

01.) Welcome Center - Sunbathing behind the tower clock

02.) Encore high School - Under the cabin cruiser anchored off the football field

03.) Encore Airport - Just off the North seawall, under the water (use your map         to find North) runway 27

04.) Encore Harbor Club - Under the "Martha Elaina" (figure it out)

05.) Smokin' Ace's - Underwater on the I-81 curve, corner or the parcel

06.) Encore Drive - In the Concession Stand, look for a clue!

07.) Encore Marina - Under the Ship being reapaired

08.) Interstate 81, look under the sailboat going under the lift bridge

09.) There is a small island on the North - NorthEast edge of the var, look for WGRN. Then look for where Potlatch records his commercials and station ID's.

10.) If you get to heaven you'll see plenty of these, they are gathered around a Card Kiosk.

11.) Fill in the blanks: I cook bacon in the frying  ____ ,  Great Neil Diamond Song: I __, I Said. Now put these two words together and look for a stowaway!

12.) If you fly your helicopter to a formal dance, step out and fall in the water you'll find this kiosk.

13.) There are two large men here, scantily clad, holding up a giant saucer, they are soaking wet but in the company of some Holy men & women. Look under the two men (use your camera!)

DJ Southern will also have surprise bonus locations, so pay attention!