- A'Hoy Mateys, just a reminder the Encore Escape Back Bay Poker Run starts every Thursday night @ 6:00 pm and your invited. It's a race to find 12 hidden poker cards scattered across 25 regions of water & islands with no sim crossings to slow you down. The clues will be given out five minutes prior to the start of the race at Snug Harbor Marina & docks. We have plenty of speedboats, as well as some great pontoon boats with beer coolers (for those who like to boat & toast!)  DJ Bob will be spinning some great Classic Rock and giving out additional clues to help you win the $1,000 gb prize, so keep your marine radio (stream) turned on. Don't forget that "safe boating is no accident" (and no fun) and be on the lookout for boating accidents and collisions. Make sure to take your Back Bay Map and remember; it's not how fast you cruise, it's how well you cruise fast!

~O~ KARAOKE LOUNGE - Sister lounge to the famous lounge in SL, Canipanic Maslow has provided us with a great place to meet and share our talents. Everyone is welcome to come sing, tell a story, a poem or just listen and join in the fun.  Dj Country Bob is commonly starting the fun with his music at 5:00 while everyone gathers so come join us to chat, dance , sing, or whatever moves you.

PEACE ROLLER SKATING RINK - Set your calendars for the first Friday of every month for our fun filled Roller Skating Party. Everyone is invited to grab the roller skates provided and skate with us while DJ Country Bob spins us some great skating and dancing tunes. The fun starts at 6 pm and ends when the party ends! Don’t be surprised if a live singer drops in to join us and sings a few tunes to skate to. In the corner is a 50’s diner if you want to take a break or strike a dance on the diner floor..

ENCORE HARBOR CLUB - Located on the water, the Encore Harbor Club boasts a sprawling two story private dock with a three-masted 90 meter schooner as a backdrop for the stage. This is your safe harbor getaway on the OS Grid with Live Rock music and popular DJ's. Drop by and dance on the water's edge late into the picturesque evening.

- Formal attire is requested, but not required at our premier island club for Big Band & ballroom dancing. Stained glass Saints adorn the 140’ high dome topping this unique medieval  build. Michael Buble & Frank Sinatra melodies are certain to fill the night whether you're dancing or strolling past the hundreds of fountains along the wooden docks that welcome the Encore Sea.

PEACE LIVE MUSIC TRIBUTES - You will find on the other side of the beach the Live Music Tributes stage which hosts live singers ever other Saturday paying tribute to real life artists. Visitors gather between 5 and 8 pm for hour shows by our experienced singers who always give us a great performance. Dance pads and balls are available for dancing. Don’t be shocked by any wandering animals, they are all harmless. Management welcomes any suggestions for future tributes.

AT THE HOP! - Guys, roll up your Lucky Strikes in your tee shirt sleeve and ladies put on your Poodle Skirts. It's a Sock Hop @ Encore High School, and your invited. Park your car close to the gymnasium, but remember once inside Coach says "No Hard Shoes on the Gym Floor!" Slow dancing will be monitored by the EHS Principal & Assistant Principle and they will strictly enforce the Geography Book space between dancers. The best Live Music Crooners & DJ's are sure to sing your favorite classic songs and requests. FYI...Elvis could show up at any time and OMG…someone spiked the punch bowl!!!

PEACE MAKER SALOON - Located in the mountains surrounded with waterfalls the Peace Maker Saloon brings country music to the grid with our awesome DJ Country Bob spinning the tunes you want to hear every other Tuesday at 6 pm. Don’t be surprised to see one of our well know live singers show up on stage to give us a show. The saloon provides line dancing as well as single and couple dancing. Someone is always up for a greedy game by the fireplace or wander upstairs to see the clothing Tweety has for sale. You will find the outhouse outside by the waterfalls as well as grazing horses, chicken, pigs and some travelers broken down wagons.  Look around for the firepit  and sits for campfire visits.


Encore Destinations
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