If you tried to log into TEE, and received a message that your avatar needs to be authorized, your now on the page to solve this issue. This situation exists when your avatar if your a hypergrid visitor to TEE and visited TEE prior to the new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) being observed by The Encore Escape LLC. Adherence to this realtively new European regulation requires any virtual world collecting data on visitors to inform visitors that data is being collected, or face the possibility of stiff fines resulting from legal action visitors may chose to initiate.

For those of you who are from other Opensim grids and visited The Encore Escape prior to this regulation, our terms of service and privacy policy did not specifically list the type of data being collected and additional procedures that the GDPR requires, so acceptance of our current TOS and Privacy Policy becomes necessary.

To authorize your avatar if you are a HYPERGRID VISITOR (This means your avatar was created on another Opensim grid and you do not have a free or paid account with TEE), you will need to provide the following information.

A.) Your Avatar's "First Name" & "Last Name"

B.) Your "Avatar's UUID": To get your avatars UUID, login your avatar to any grid except The Encore Escape grid. Right click your name floating over your avatar and select "Profile" from the pie menu. Your profile window will now open, on the second line from the top, below the tabs, copy or write down your "Key" (your key, or avatar UUID is available to anyone who checks your profile)

C.) Your avatar's "Home Grid Login URL". This is the part of the Authorize process that always gets messed up. Most people do not know their avatar's home grid login url. So we have prepared a separate page with the url information you can view. Find your home grid HERE and copy or write down the url.

If you copy and paste any of the information, make sure you do not copy a extra or blank space preceding or following the info.

Once you have all the information above, click the link below and provide the information in the correct blank fields.


Once those fields are filled in, don't forget to:

1.) Agree to our terms of Service by checking the box which reads: I give my permission to collect and use my data as described at . . .

2.) Click the "Submit button.

You should now get a window confirming your avatar is now authorized.

Note: As we mentioned above, there is one step outlined above
(B) that continues to prevent avatars from being authorized. Grid Login urls are created by your grid owner or administrator. While we have provided a list of grid login urls for you to find the correct url, unfortunately many grid owners/administrators change their grids login url whenever they want. If your avatar continues to receive an authorization request window, please check with your grid owner/administrator and ask for the current grid login url.

More information regarding the GDPR can be obtained from the following Wikipedia Link

Click the following links to view our current Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Data Collection Policies.
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