The Encore Escape

"Your Entertainment Destination on the OpenSim Metaverse!"

Why Creating a Presence in The Encore Escape is a Smart Move

Maybe you haven't noticed, but SL is on the decline. A decade ago the Linden Lab creation peaked at about 34,000 privately owned regions. As of August 2017 that total has dropped to just over 16,000. SL Decline Chart(click image to see graph)

Collectively the OpenSim grids are doing just the opposite. Private regions on OpenSim grids have increased steadily and consistently from less than 10,000 regions in 2010 to over 83,000 today. OpenSim Growth Chart(click image to see graph). In just seven years, privately owned OpenSim grids have grown over tenfold!


With the recent launch of Sansar, residents will be leaving Second Life, it's only a question of how many. It's only logical that the trends outlined above will continue or possibly even accelerate. More & more content creators are beginning to hedge their Second Life bets by establishing a presence in a more economical environment that also provides them the opportunity to really own what they create. Listed below are eight reasons why The Encore Escape is your right choice on the OpenSim Metaverse.

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