The Encore Escape
Your Entertainment Destination on the
OpenSim Metaverse
Second Life is a trademark  of Linden Research, Inc.

State of the Art 24/7/365 Dedicated Servers, A Lag Free Environment Plus More . . .

The Encore Escape LLC is a virtual world grid that employs a custom OpenSimulator software version. We employ multiple 12 core, 32 gb ram Dedicated servers, each with state of the art SSD hard drives and located at a Tier Level III Data Center that are online 24/7/365 days a year. Redundant backups are performed daily. Our virtual environment is easily comparable to what you have come to expect in SL with some interesting caveats. Regardless of what grid you choose to call home, it is important to ask about the features listed above.

We recommend using the Singularity Viewer for content creators, but your favorite viewer like Firestorm, Control Alt Studio or KoKua can be used with ease.

Most of the full perm scripts you bring from SL should run without any problem on our grid, which employs the BulletSim physics engine. 

Because The Encore Escape is an OpenSim grid, you have the ability to teleport to over 200 other hyper-teleport enabled grids.

Yes The Encore Escape like most OpenSim Grids is mesh enabled. Do we have all the mesh content we need? Not yet that is why mesh content creators are particularly welcome.